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Chronicle of My Participation in the World's Toughest Enduro Rally – Again…

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What Am I Trying To Do Here?

MeWell, I am a 44 year old anesthesiologist living in Reno, Nevada and I have the crazy desire to travel to the other side of the planet in order to compete in a deplorably difficult motorcycle race known as the Redbull Romaniacs.

From June of 2010 until the 30th of April 2011 I had been actively training to ride in the Romaniacs. I was getting up each morning at 4:30am and exercising (weight training and cardio) for an hour before work, then most afternoons I would go for a two-hour training ride after work, or go trail running, or some other athletic endeavor that would prepare me for the big event.

I was also making travel plans to get to and from Romania, saving money for the trip, etc, etc. In short, I was fully intending to compete in the 2011 rally.

Things were going fantastically! My fitness was great. My riding skills were improving very well. I felt strong and confident in my preparations for Romania. Then on April 30th I competed in the Virginia City Grand Prix, a truly classic offroad race held in the hills surrounding historic Virginia City, Nevada.

The race went great until my third lap when I lost traction coming around a turn on the course’s short pavement section. I slid off the road and hit a sign post. The impact broke my left leg just below the knee. I rolled down the pavement a good long way – and at some point dislocated my right shoulder. I had surgery later that day to repair my leg. I spent the next ten weeks on crutches.
My bike, all broken up

A bunch of hardware in my leg

I count a plate and nine screws.

Needless to say, my dream of riding in the 2011 Romaniacs was not going to come true.

I did, however go to Sibiu, Romania to attend the event. I had an incredible time over there! I met Martin Freinadametz, Cristina Badiu, Volker Jacob, Bogdan Brylynski and most of the other Romaniacs staff that put this whole thing together each year. I got to see the gods of enduro work their magic up close! Guys like Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch, Andreas Lettenbichler, Gerhard Forster, Paul Bolton, Xavi Galindo, etc., etc. I also learned a lot about how the event works and I got a fair idea about how I want to prepare for my next attempt, which will be the 2013 rally. (Unfortunately, 2012 isn’t going to work out for me)

Follow along! Come hell or high water, I’m going back to ride in the Romaniacs!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. devin ferguson said

    i followed your blog for trying to do the romainiacs and was wanderig if you are plannig on attempting it in 2012. it has also been on my bucket list to do this race as well. if you are planning for 2012 please let me know because i am working on the same schedule and you seem to have figured out a lot of the legistics of it.
    thanks devin

    • desflurane said

      At the moment I’m planning on racing in 2013. I have too much stuff to do to get ready for another attempt next year – including: physically, professionally, and financially. But I will definitely provide any info I can! As a matter of fact, Volker – the PR guru for Romaniacs has asked me to write a kind of “how-to” article for Americans who are thinking about doing the event. I’ll try to get that put together in the next week or so.

  2. devin ferguson said

    any updates on the “how to” for the romaniacs

  3. mark said

    Thanks for covering the race so well! I was taking part in the KTM EnduroTour riding for 5 days on many of the same sections as the racers. I am completely enamored by the event, and this region of Romania now. What incredible weather we had. By chance, I was just on the same plane as Graham this morning – he looked as exhausted as me. I’d like to share some photos with you, please send me your email address. Thanks!

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