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Time for a bit of an overhaul 

Posted by desflurane on March 30, 2016

I’ve bemoaned the deplorable condition of my stock exhaust for a while now. Not willing to sit idly by and complain, I have taken definitive corrective action!

The first move was to haul my bike down to Chester at the KTM shop to seek his expert opinion on its state and (most importantly) the chances of salvaging it. He looked the pipe over and said that it could really go either way. He could very likely straighten out the dents and get it to fit back on the bike, but couldn’t guarantee that the header would mate up properly with the opening in the cylinder. Furthermore, there is an increased chance of the pipe cracking in that header region after being worked over so extensively. 

After pondering this difficult choice for about three seconds, I decided to get a fresh pipe. 

The new skid plate/pipe guard should give my delicate expansion chamber a good deal more protection than I’ve ever had before – so it should last longer than ever before, so it makes a little sense to mount up the pipe I really want to have. Right?

Regardless, I turned hastily to the Internet, seeking the most cost-effective means of getting an FMF Gnarly into my hands as soon as possible. The skid/pipe guard is supposed to arrive any day now, and I’d like to get it all put together in one go. 

I ended up rolling the dice and ordering a pipe from a vendor on Amazon. The price couldn’t be improved upon ($202 – shipped), but I had never heard of this particular vendor before – Powesports911 – and I knew it would be a bit of a wild card – would I get the pipe? On time? In new condition, as listed?

My trepidation proved to be wholly unfounded as the pipe arrived two days later, the right model, ahead of the expected time. Nicely done Powersports911!

So I went from this:

To this:

And believe it or not, the bike runs better now! What a shock! (Not…)

Along with the skid/pipe guard I ordered a new Slavens linkage skid as well. Here is why:

If you look closely you will see that the skid has torn apart where it wraps around the “dog bone” part of the linkage and the whole thing is sitting askew on there. 

It didn’t last very long but it withstood a lot of abuse. I’ll give Slavens another try. I’m still way ahead cost-wise compared to the Fastway option and I like the idea of a “disposable” guard protecting the linkage from harm rather that the linkage component itself being the “guard.”

More to follow when a big box appears on my doorstep…


2 Responses to “Time for a bit of an overhaul ”

  1. Kitt said

    Fastway link guard is bombproof.
    Cap the end of your old pipe, pressurize with about 12psi and use a torch to heat the dents up. The dents pop out and the pipe returns to its original shape. Training for romaniacs is hard on pipes and I have used this tecnique to fix literally dozens of pipes.

  2. desflurane said

    I certainly have nothing to lose by blowing the dents back out. I’ve watched videos of it being done. I think I’ll give it a try.

    If the next slavens guard fails then it’s definitely time to try a Fastway.

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