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More training rides!

Posted by desflurane on March 10, 2016

I got the opportunity to show Ben Barnes my new riding area today. The day was overcast without any rain but the wind was howling over the hilltops, which made for an interesting experience!

The loop out there is up to twenty miles in length, and I think it is rather fun to ride! There are a good number of fun and challenging sections along with some good hillclimbs, a couple of motocross-like pit areas and a few other spots where you can just “mess around” on various rocks, ledges, and jumps.

The only downer of the day was that I left my Go Pro’s 64 GB micro SD card plugged in to our desktop computer at home!

No Go Pro footage for today!

Fortunately Ben stepped up and filled the void with some handheld iPhone videos.

This first one is of me conquering that damn rock that almost looped me out a while back. This time I noticed the little “kicker” rock sticking out of the ground, just the correct distance away from the rock’s face. Suddenly it was child’s play.

Ben shot it again – but this time in Portrait rather than Landscape! (Exciting!!)

This next little clip illustrates why I am loving my Stilwell Performance suspension. I jump down from the top of that rock, a drop of maybe three feet – and its a total non-event. The suspension just soaks it up and I continue on. I’m used to bottoming out rather spectacularly when I would try that sort of trick on my old KTM – which was NOT sprung correctly for me. This is much, much better!

And finally, here is a clip of me taking the more exposed alternate line up the rock pile I lovingly refer to as “6 Plus.” I call it that because I crashed during one of my early attempts to master it, and nearly broke my iPhone 6 Plus which was in the outer pocket of my Camelbak. This other line is actually easier, but requires riding much closer to the edge of the rock. High siding up there would be an awful mess… There are a few transitions between several abutting rocks, but these are really quite smooth. Of course the video doesn’t give you any perception of how exposed you feel riding this line. I guess this one would be called “7 Plus”? Remember that Ben is standing upright next to the base of these rocks, so I end up eight or nine feet above the rocky ground  below… and I stall the bike…

There you go! It was another great day of riding. Much appreciation to Ben for coming out to ride and being kind enough to shoot some shots!


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