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Update otherwise…

Posted by desflurane on January 24, 2016

As far as logistical Romaniacs preparations go – progress has been made!

Before riding yesterday, I spent about an hour at the bank wiring money to Romania to pay for my bike and service package over there. The exchange rate is reasonably good at the moment, but it still cost me $3100 bucks! Riding Romaniacs definitely isn’t cheap! But at least that issue is put to bed – a TE 300 will be waiting for me in Sibiu!

I will definitely take my new suspension with me over there. I asked Angelo if swapping in my stuff for the event would be a problem, he said it was no big deal. 

How is that sparkling new bunch of tubes and springs, you ask?

I have save one true ride logged on the new bouncers thus far, but my enthusiasm is complete! I REALLY LIKE what Stillwell Performance did for me.  The plushness of my suspension is amazing. It easily soaks up all but the biggest chunks of trail trash making the bike very easy to ride with confidence. I found myself charging into rocks and ruts with far more commitment that I would have before.

Technical stuff is easier to ride thru because the big hits get absorbed without the bike pitching to one side expectedly or bucking like a wild stallion. I find it much easier to ride right through the rock gardens, G-Force Jarvis style, rather than dabbing and halting to regain my balance. 

This is not to say that I won’t twiddle the clickers a bit to tweak things a bit. I think I could use just a shade more compression damping to hold things up a little higher in the stroke when landing from drop-offs or jumps. The base settings they provided are pretty good though. 

I now have TuBliss systems installed front and rear. I can’t discount the contribution that this is making to the quality of my ride. I have a Sedona MX 887 in back with zero PSI and the factory Dunlop up front running 6 PSI. Traction is not a problem!

Obviously I’m pretty stoked with things right now. Time will tell how much I like my suspension long-term. I can’t help but think that I’ll only like it more and more as time goes on 


4 Responses to “Update otherwise…”

  1. Kitt said

    Ditch the tubeless, ride a mousse. Will be difficult to change tires in the event. Train with what you will be racing with. Go to the gym….LOTS.

  2. Brian said

    wondering how you are planning to take your suspension with you to Romania? Gun case? Box? Luggage?

    • desflurane said

      My current plan is to use a gun case. I kept the cardboard box Stillwell sent it back in – and I’ve reinforced it with lots of packing tape, but I think I’d still prefer a gun case. It will be easier to re-use, I think, when it’s time to come home.

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