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My new training grounds

Posted by desflurane on January 21, 2016

I finally had a day off where I could get out on the dirt bike. 

Most of the surrounding hills are covered with snow so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a new riding area. Historically I have done a lot of my training rides in the hills just outside my neighborhood. I have been politely invited not to ride there any more, so the search has been on. 

There is a stretch of open desert that I drive by quite frequently. It’s just a few minutes away from my house – a bit too far to ride the bike there, but a trivial drive in the truck – a major local road cuts right through it in fact. The area features some large, steep hills with lots of bouldery rock piles and outcrops breaking up the terrain. Big jeep trails wander all over, going nowhere really interesting (usually straight up the smoothest part of a hill, then straight down the other side). It’s not uncommon to see people riding dirt bikes and ATV’s here, but it’s usually somebody letting their kids putt around on a Honda 50 or thrashing around on a dirtbike wearing Levis and tennis shoes. I’ve never seen anybody “seriously” riding out there. And for that reason I’ve always turned my nose up at this area – it’s just for folks who don’t know anywhere better to ride.  

My current need for new stomping grounds has lowered the blinders that must have really been obscuring my vision. When I scanned over this area as I drove past day after day, I bean to see that this place has some real potential for hardcore training.

The hills are plentiful and steep, lots of interesting rock gardens everywhere you look, and best of all – none of it has been ridden before! The gomers who usually ride there stick tenaciously to the burned-in jeep trails which carefully avoid all the great features this patch of land has to offer. 

I’m sure you have guessed by now that this is where I went riding/exploring. I’ll shorten the story and just say that this place is fantastic! There are limitless opportunities to ride some gnarly stuff, some fast dirt roads, steep hill climbs through the rocks, a few double-jumps and berms just for practice. The one thing that is completely lacking out there are miles and miles of whooped-out, worn-out trails (which I have encountered at every other local riding area). It’s essentially all virgin once you venture off the jeep tracks. 

I snapped a few pictures, but they really don’t illustrate how good this place is. It does give an idea of how much room there is to explore and cut in new trails. 

And it’s worth mentioning that the dirt is just phenomenal at the moment. It’s “chocolate cake” everywhere you look! Sadly this will all turn into talcum powder in a few months, so I must enjoy it while I can!




3 Responses to “My new training grounds”

  1. Ben Barnes said

    Huh…huh,huh you said gomer

  2. Jim Elliker said

    Have I missed the update on the suspension out on the trail?

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