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The suspension – installed 

Posted by desflurane on January 18, 2016

Since we were in Puerto Rico all last week, I asked the fine folks at Stillwell Performance to hang on to my suspension for a few days so it wouldn’t be sitting on the front porch for an extended period before I arrived to claim it. 

According to plan, the goodies arrived today in a big white box:

The contents were securely packaged:


Installation took a couple of hours


I got everything thread-locked and torqued down and checked the sag utilizing a high-precision custom gauge I constructed 


Sag was right on the money. 

By the time I completed all this toil the sun was about to set, eliminating the possibility of going for a real ride, so I just scooted around the cul de sac. While I can’t say much about how my new suspension works it does feel pretty good. When I climb aboard it doesn’t crush down through a good portion of the stroke. It feels like it stands up taller and made popping little wheelies up and down the driveway completely irresistable!

Of course the tendency is to say that “this new suspension is awesome” or something similar, but the fact is that I have no idea at the moment. I’ll have to get out for a few good rides before I can say anything useful. Benny’s dad put it very well when he said “after you have spent that much money on your suspension, you are absolutely going to say it is the best thing in the world, whether it  works better or not…” I’m excited to get out and see what it really does.


Stillwell also included this handy adjustment guide for other riding conditions. Based on this info, I’m assuming that I’m currently set at the “offroad plush” end of the spectrum. Other environments will require stiffer settings. 



2 Responses to “The suspension – installed ”

  1. Ben Barnes said

    Bike is looking sweet!!

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