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Ups and Downs

Posted by desflurane on November 24, 2015

The picture says it all! 

But there is a bit of a story to tell. 

The gang over in Sibiu decided to change the way registration is done for 2016. First off it was stated that there would be a limited number of starting positions available and they were expected to vanish swiftly (this isn’t really a change, it is simply a reflection of this event’s growing popularity). Second, the registration page on the Romaniacs website would go live at 10am on November 3rd. As Romania is ten hours ahead of me here in Reno, that means that I would be able to sign up at the stroke of midnight on November 2nd. 

A convenient count down clock was provided, and I checked it repeatedly to ensure that my logic was correct. It was.

When the counter wound down to zero, I was stationed at my computer, eager to click my way in to Romaniacs 2016!

The clock vanished and… Nothing! The page was blank. I sat in stunned silence for a moment before I thought to hit the refresh button. Maybe I needed to reload the page in order to see the registration stuff… Still nothing! 

Seconds dragged by, though it felt much longer. I could just see all those other guys getting registered – taking MY spot! I feverishly pounded the refresh button, to no avail. 

I lept over to the Romaniacs Facebook to see if anything had been mentioned there. All I found were a few comments indicating that the site wasn’t working for people other than myself. 

I went back to serial page refreshing and was suddenly greeted by a signup page that looked almost identical to the one used in previous years. I must admit to a smidge of disappointment here – after all that rigmarole a few fireworks or a marching band would have been nice…

I completed the online form and was reminded at the end that my registration would only be considered complete when I had paid the entry fee, and that I would be receiving a confirmation email with payment instructions very soon. 

I was ready to send my cash at that very  second, I just needed to know where. 

The next day I watched my email like a hawk, knowing that my spot was only half-way secured. Nothing came. 

Days passed and anxiety began to build. Had there been a computer glitch of some kind? Had my registration form vanished into digital oblivion? 

Then I received an email from Crina Ujupan who is the hotel booking coordinator for the event asking about the accommodations I might need. Clearly my name was on the books and the wheels were turning, it was just infuriatingly slow. 

Another week or two went by. I visited the Romaniacs website again and was speechless when I saw that registration had been closed and the starting list had been published – without my name on it!

Once again I searched my email accounts – trash folders, junk folders, you name it – no email from Romaniacs had ever arrived. I sent a desperate email to Cristina asking what had happened, and what I should do next. 

This was last Friday afternoon (wee hours of Saturday morning in Sibiu) and I knew I would get no answer until Monday at the earliest. 

I waited impatiently through the weekend and Monday morning. Near noontime I happened to be sitting at my computer when Cristina’s reply popped up on my desktop. She said that I “received” a confirmation email and should pay the registration fee asap to secure my starting position. She included links to the payment page. 

Back in business!

I sent the money and now I’m on the list!

I just love it when things go exactly according to plan…


3 Responses to “Ups and Downs”

  1. Kjetil Kvilhaug said

    Brandon, good to see you back in RBR mode again, congrats on the new “swede”…..i’m doing the Sea to sky in 2016, i’ve had a slow 2015, after my leg broke in Romanina in 2014.
    So how are you?

    • desflurane said

      Kjetil! It’s great to hear from you! I didn’t know you were injured. Obviously you must be recovering well if you are doing S2S! I’m just plugging along trying to make a successful return to Sibiu. I thought I was done with Romaniacs until watching the videos of the 2015 rally… One more try!

      • Kjetil Kvilhaug said

        Yeah, i broke some small bones in my left foot, on the first enduro day, had just done the mandatory service on day 1, i actually was the 3 rider to enter the service area in the silver class, after the dreaded “DOOMED” section, so i was in 3’rd, and 500 meters from the service area, i hit a big log with my foot, incredible pain.
        I keept pushing but i just could not ride safely, so i limped back to Sibiu, and the RBR crew got med to the hospital, xrays stated several fractures, and that was it.
        Really bummed by this i did not ride any before march 2015… and just a few hours until august.
        Now i’m healthy and with a new KTM deal, i’m ready to go for it in 2016.

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