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Ok, I lied

Posted by desflurane on October 28, 2015

I remember reading Dirt Bike magazine back in the summer of 1982. My older brother had subscribed months earlier after getting an XR 250, so I snapped up the new issues as soon as they fell from his hands. 

As always, there was a “shootout”in one particular issue. This time it was for 250cc enduro bikes. I don’t remember exactly what their verdict was, but in my eyes the Husqvarna WR 250 was THE bike to have. 

I decided that when I was “older” a WR was going to find its way into my garage. 

Not a bad looking bike, eh? It didn’t hurt that there were awesome photos of Dick Brurleson riding spectacular wheelies down some thick, forest trail… 

That bike was the grist for my daydreaming mill all summer long. 

Life moves on, kids grow up and other things take over that precious daydreaming bandwidth… 

So here I am – “older” now. 

As I explained in a previous post there is simply no way I can swing a trip to Romaniacs AND a new bike this year. Despite the fact that my trusty 300XCW is now six years old. 

Well, I lied!

I had it on good authority that the KTM/Husky dealership thirty miles to the south in Carson city had one or more 2016 TE 300’s available. The local shop was getting only three blue bikes for the entire year, and each of them was already sold.  

I walked in to the Carson dealership and what should greet my eager eyes?

Speaking with the sales guy there I learned that this particular bike had been uncrated and rolled onto the showroom floor just that morning. Despite that, I was the second guy to come along  trolling for a TE 300. The difference was that I meant business!


That’s MY truck with a 2016 TE 300 in the back getting ready to pull happily away from the dealership…

And here is a snapshot of my garage…


Apart from the obvious clutter, do you notice anything else? The white, blue and yellow Husqvarna  enduro bike perhaps? Hah-hah! Another childhood dream comes true! Sure, it’s not the exact bike I lusted after as a youth, but I’m not splitting hairs!

As you can tell, the old KTM has been treated to an extreme makeover and is both much prettier than she has been for a long time as well as much more FOR SALE than before…

I’ve had the TE in my garage for almost two weeks now and I don’t regret the purchase one bit! Sadly, in that time I’ve only gotten out for one ride – as every spare moment has been frittered away wrenching on dirtbikes, not riding them. 

I’ll report on the husky’s maiden voyage next time!


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