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The Enduro Shiv

Posted by desflurane on September 5, 2015

A year or so ago I broke one of my 300’s foot pegs and was tricked by a cunning KTM-shop salesman into dropping nearly $200 for some fancy Pro Taper pegs. They worked well enough, but the included aluminum inserts wore down after a few months, so I went back to grab a cheap set of replacement inserts.

Guess what? $80 a set! Damn! They aren’t THAT comfortable! 

I plunked down the cash, but opted for the prickly-looking cast steel “enduro” inserts rather than the wimpy “moto” aluminum ones. 

I’ve been generally pleased with these pegs until a few days ago when I was out for a ride on my usual training loop.

Northern Nevada’s housing market has started bouncing back from the abyss it vanished into a few years back… and houses are once again being constructed. As a result, one of my usual stomping grounds has been significantly altered over recent months. One entire section which had been filled with lovely piles of rock and dirt is now a quiet subdivision of tract homes. 

It’s not all bad though. Fresh new dirt and rock piles are appearing here and there along my usual course. It kind of mixes things up a bit and relieves the boredom of riding THE SAME PLACE again and again. 

I was trying out a brand new rock garden that had materialized in the middle if an already rock-strewn gulley. I wheelied skillfully over one large-ish stone only to have the bike come down in such a way that my right foot peg smacked another big rock – really hard! I thought that maybe I felt something crunch a bit beneath my boot, but didn’t notice any sudden differences, so kept right on going.

Perhaps fifteen minutes later I happened to look at the aforementioned foot peg:

My expensive, enduro-cleated beauty now resembled something that gets smuggled into maximum security penitentiaries concealed in personal locations unfit to mention. 

Since I had no desire to be skewered by this razor-sharp spike of steel, I carefully turned my way homeward without delay. 

I returned to the KTM shop and quickly discovered that the $180 Pro Taper pegs were more or less the cheapest set they offered.

Certainly I could do better than that!

After a quick trip to my good friends at RMS, I had a reasonable set of pegs in hand for a mere $49! Much better! And I can shatter three sets of these pegs before I equal the cost of a single pair of the other ones!

I could actually buy FIVE sets of the cheap pegs for roughly the same cash I have already burned on the Pro Tapers. 


One Response to “The Enduro Shiv”

  1. Comadre said

    Your bargain driving skills seem to rival your moto skills…

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