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Local Single

Posted by desflurane on August 18, 2015

Over the course of the past week or two I have been able to get out riding several times in a completely new to me area which turns out to be A) reasonably close to my home and B) REALLY good!

I was introduced to the area by a guy I work with who just bought his first dirt bike – a KTM 350 XC-W. He is also an avid downhill mountain biker and is familiar with many of the trails around the North Lake Tahoe area. This guy is good friends with another fellow who knows even more of the trails – and also rides a dirt bike! Between the two of them, we have been able to ride some very, very good stuff!

Here is a little video clip of me riding over a big tree stump. It’s not an especially stylish or impressive move, but at least you can see what the terrain is like.

Its all up in the trees in the vicinity of the Northstar ski resort and some of the single track is truly spectacular! A lot of it is definitely the handiwork of mountain bikers and is primarily used only by them. In fact some of the trails are clearly marked as “No Motorcycles” but many, many others are not!

I honestly feel a little guilt riding some of the trails which are obviously made by mountain bikers. I have a sneaking feeling that we really weren’t supposed to be there.

Just to be clear – if the trail was marked as mountain bikes only or it was obviously intended for another purpose (a walking path for example), we didn’t ride it.

We did ride mile upon mile of excellent single track! A lot of it consisted of fairly tight trails with neatly bermed switchbacks and carefully groomed obstacles – such as log crossings with tidy little kickers on the front and back sides and rock gardens with conveniently constructed bypasses where boulders had been carefully piled up to create a section of elevated roadway off to the side. Clearly, a LOT of effort had been put into creating these tracks. That’s why I felt (mild) pangs of regret as we rode them.

On the other hand, all they have to do to guarantee that I don’t ride my motorcycle there is hang up a little sign. I would definitely respect that. They (whoever that might be) have not done so, therefore I can only assume that the trails are open to all comers. The area includes a number of trails which are specifically designated as “motorcycle trails”. Its the trails with no specific designation that we did most of our riding on.

The further we delved into the forest, the rougher the trails became – and the less I worried about stepping on anybody’s toes.

We got into some truly EPIC riding were the trail emerged from the forest and skirted along the edge of a cliff overlooking Squaw Valley ski area. It was almost sketchy, but very cool. We really should have stopped for some photos there, but the three hundred foot drop kind of distracted us…

By way of an update on the hands-free Camelbak system, I love it! I drank my pack dry on yesterday’s ride which is a good thing! I’m actually getting some liquid down my neck during a ride. That’s a big improvement!


One Response to “Local Single”

  1. Comadre said

    ‘Twould be nice if all riders of off-road motorized vehicles were as respectful!

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