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Posted by desflurane on August 12, 2015

A week or so back, Benny, Josh and I met up on a Saturday morning and made the journey over to Downieville, California for a ride. It’s about an hour and forty-five minutes away from Reno, high in the Sierra Nevadas. The area has become quite well known as a Mecca for downhill mountain bikers, but it started life as a collection of single track for motorcycle use. 

The trails are steep and tight, with some very fun waterfalls to climb and descend, exciting hill climbs with plenty of exposed roots and all the switchbacks you can eat! Most of the trails follow branches of the stream that flows through the area, providing some beautiful views along the way. These often occur when the trail meanders out if the woods and around a high outcropping of rock. You suddenly find yourself picking your way gingerly along with one handgrip scraping a rock wall and the other hanging over a thirty or forty foot drop to the riverbed below. The effect is spectacular, but we didn’t stop for photos…

We did take a few photos though, you could title them something like: “What We REALLY Do On Dirt Bike Rides…”

That’s Benny in the pilot’s seat, btw…

The swing is at an intersection of trails right at the top of a big hill. We didn’t get pictures of it but there is a stretcher-board leaning against a sign just behind me as I took the shots of Ben in the swing. Gives you something to think about as you go charging down the other side of the mountain…

The riding was truly epic. I’ll definitely try to return there for as much training as I can cram in. The terrain was VERY similar to Romania. Swap the pine and fir trees for big hardwoods and you would have a difficult time telling the two apart!

Though fun and challenging, the trails are nicely maintained, even improved with grippy pavers on some of the corners, and therefore are a good bit easier than the hobby tracks I rode, but great practice nonetheless!


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