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Some new stuff!

Posted by desflurane on August 11, 2015

  Since coming home from Romaniacs in 2013 I haven’t been riding my dirt bike – at all… As a result, it needed a little TLC before dropping it off the stand and hitting the single track. 

The battery was 100%, absolutely, completely dead. I considered installing a Lithium Iron or other slick new tech unit, but finally went with good old lead acid for $30. 

I reason that over the next year I should be riding often enough to keep her charged. And beyond that time – I really need a new bike. 

I would dearly love to snap up a 2016 Husky when they become available here in northern Nevada, but the choices would be: A) go to Romania or B) get a new bike. That’s just the way it is.

Since my ’09 still functions, it’s going to have to do the duty. 

But as I said at the start of this post, a few issues needed to be addressed. Battery was foremost. The next issue was the pipe. 

As always happens with two-strokes, the pipe eventually gets destroyed. Even the heavy-gauge steel FMF Gnarly with a carbon fiber pipe guard in place is no match for the rocks. My current pipe has already been blown back out by the local KTM shop wizard. Two or three rides later I succeeded in shoving the whole thing upward a good inch or two. The portion of the pipe beneath the guard was undamaged, but the header section developed a prominent kink. The bike still ran, but it definitely wasn’t “right.”



I probably would have just left things as they were, but one day I happened to be drifting through the Slavens Racing website. What should I discover there? Why a brand new Gnarly on sale for $179 (rather than $225 or more) because it had some cosmetic flaws from the factory. Like I give a rats rectum about the appearance of my pipe at this point in time! So I immediately snapped one up. 

There’s nothing quite like a gleaming, nickel-plated beauty stuck to the front of your ride! As soon as I stabbed the starter button the engine growled to life (thanks to a fresh battery) with a much happier, unrestricted note.


Since I had the gas tank off I threw in a fresh plug and reinstalled my ignition map switch. I purchased and used the switch for a while a few years back, but mothballed it because it always seemed to be in “Low” when I wanted “High” or vice versa. To be completely honest, at the time, I didn’t feel like it made very much difference. I could tell there was in fact a difference, but it didn’t seem to be helping me on the trail. 


I would like to denounce that line of thinking now. Flipping into the “Low” setting provides that wonderfully unstoppable, tractor-like torque that works so well in the tight stuff. I think my previous indifference was because of the terrain I was riding at the time. In desert, sandy conditions low end grunt isn’t such an advantage as opposed to high-revving, wheel-spinning power. It’s a different story in the tight woods where I have been riding lately and where I plan to do the majority of my training in preparation for 2016. 

The first ride after getting the bike running again ended with a completely stripped out shift lever, so I spent a little cash on a Hammer Head lever. It doesn’t seem to stay any tighter than the last one (even with safety wire), and will probably strip out in the end too. 

So after all that, the old 300 is working quite well at the moment. I’ve got 230+ hours on her so far. Probably due for a top end pretty soon and I can’t imagine that I’ll get too much further on the original bottom end…

We will see. 


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