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Here we go!

Posted by desflurane on August 9, 2015

I am completely re-writing this post. The original version was far too long and drawn out. Rather than boring you with a needlessly detailed discussion of my topic, I’m going to cut right to the chase:

After a great deal of reflection and thought on the matter, I have come to the conclusion that there are two main reasons that I was unable to finish Romaniacs back in 2013. They are 1) Jet lag and 2) Sleep deprivation.

I’m sure I could keep that list going for quite a while because there were certainly many other lesser factors that added their weight to my final decision to withdraw from the competition after the third offroad day, but I believe that I could have overcome all the others if the first two had not been crushing my body and mind so completely.

Sibiu is ten hours ahead of those of us living on Pacific Standard Time, so I was required to essentially swap night for day in one sudden stroke – no time for adjustment or compensation (more or less the definition of jet-lag). I think that this is a do-able thing if you can finally get some sleep when it is appropriate and get yourself in synch with the new timetable. I never was able to do that. From the first night I spent in Romania to the last, I was almost totally unable to sleep. Even with the help of the Ambien tablets I had brought along I could only stay asleep for one or two hours at a time, followed by another hour or two of lying anxiously awake debating whether or not I should take some more Ambien or if I could get myself back to sleep “naturally.” Each and every time this debate came to an end in one of two ways: I took more Ambien or the alarm clock went off. I don’t recall ever being able to get back to sleep unaided. The sleep I did get was fragmented and far less than restorative.

This photo was taken by one of the mechanics with Adrenalin Racing (it was either Marius or Sylvius - I don't recall which) and was posted on Facebook.

This photo was taken by one of the mechanics with Adrenalin Racing (it was either Marius or Sylvius – I don’t recall which) and was posted on Facebook. This is the starting line of offroad day three. Notice that one hundred yards from the starting line I am already SITTING DOWN! I was truly that tired!

The end result was that each passing day found me more and more exhausted and punch-drunk until I just couldn’t do it any more after offroad day three. Just keeping your head above water at Romaniacs is hard enough. Doing when you start each day nearly delirious with fatigue is a very great challenge indeed.

So what will I do differently in 2016?

Rather than taking the absolute minimum amount of vacation time required to fly directly to Sibiu, compete, then fly directly home and go to work the next day (as I did in 2013) – I’m going to take two weeks of vacation. The first week will be spent somewhere in Europe (the current plan is to visit Croatia with some friends who lived there at one time) getting acclimatized to their circadian rhythm and generally enjoying a bit of time off. The second week will be spent at Romaniacs.

I think that my mental and physical state will be vastly improved this way. It could hardly be worse than it was back in 2013. I was just a wreck by the end of that week.

A week or two ago, when I wrote the post before this one, I was thinking that I would “compete” in the Iron class (which was called the “Rookie” class in 2013), so that I would be essentially guaranteed to finish the event and could possibly even end up ranking somewhere near the podium.

As I have been getting a training routine on its feet and, more importantly, getting back on my dirt bike, the desire to return to Romaniacs in the Bronze class (more or less equivalent to the old “Hobby” class) is getting stronger. Thus far my riding feels very, very good! I’m not quite back to full Romaniacs level, but with eleven months to prepare, I think there is every possibility I can get my skill set right where I want it to be.

It’s too early to make a final call on this one, but that is what I’m pondering at the moment. I’ll definitely discuss this more in the future.


6 Responses to “Here we go!”

  1. Kitt said

    Come out to bc and ill take you on some training rides. I have here my training loop that is far more difficult than anything you will encounter in Romania.

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