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Just finished the prologue

Posted by desflurane on July 2, 2013

I got moved into the HQ Ramada just fine and settled right in to the swing of things. I had problems getting internet access however, and this is the reason for my failure to post… Sorry.

I was able to meet Nathan Rafferty as well as Chilly White, both very nice nice guys.

I am rooming with a fellow from England named Mike Kay, also a very pleasant person. I guess being a dirt biker kind of selects for cool individuals.

More interestingly, I just got done with the prologue. I have been taking some pictures along the way, but unfortunately they will have to be added later.

My goal with the prologue was definitely to simply get through it in one piece. The obstacles are HUGE and scary and we didn’t get the chance to try them out before the time trial runs. Most of the stuff isn’t really too difficult, but the traffic from other riders made some nearly impossible to ride smoothly. I found myself hopping right over a log, having to wait, hopping over the next, waiting, etc. etc. The inability to get momentum going made things much more difficult than they would otherwise have been.

If I could go out there by yourself and practice the obstacles a little I’m confident I could have done much, much better. But it is what it is.

And its done!

I’m in one piece for tomorrow – that’s the main thing.

There is the (slight) possibility that I was one of the 49 fastest riders, in which case I will be competing in the finals tonite at 5:00pm. I don’t think there is much chance of that. But I’ll go check the results — right now!


One Response to “Just finished the prologue”

  1. Mark said

    Getting though this years obstacles unscathed, that is a real accomplishment in my book.

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