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Sibiu, I have returned!

Posted by desflurane on June 30, 2013

It only took 31 hours, but I have arrived safely in Sibiu. Now I just need to depart the same way…

While definitely lame from a time-lost-in-Sibiu perspective, the detour through Munich did have some unforeseen coolness to it.

As I waited for the hours to drag by, a pair of English ladies sat down next to me. I immediately knew that they had to be associated with Romaniacs because this gate is tucked back away from the main thoroughfare of the Munich airport and the only reason to go down the creepy-looking side hallway leading to it would be that you intend to take the same flight to Sibiu and the only reason I see for two British gals to be doing that is – Romaniacs.

They noticed the Shoei helmet under my seat and through a similar process of deductive reasoning discerned that I too must be headed for Romaniacs, and a conversation was sparked on that premise. It turned out that one of these nice ladies is the wife (better half – as she put it) of Richard Main –  a British guy who participates in Romaniacs every year. He finishes it ever year too. Richard does not cut out an image that one would describe as overly trim or athletic in appearance, but the guy gets out there and does the work in the Carpathians! My hat is off to him! Hopefully I’ll get to meet Richard at some point as well.

At some point during our talking,  I glanced over my shoulder and looked through the glass wall that separated this gate’s waiting area from a retail shop selling ‘airport stuff.” My eye was caught, but not by the over priced, imported junk that was being offered there for sale, but in fact the guy who was standing at the checkout counter, offering legal tender for his purchases. Why this man was none other than three-time Romaniacs champion Graham Jarvis! Turns out that he was on our flight as well! I got to chat with some of the other competitors and they seemed like really cool guys.

As our aircraft swung low over the city center, the makings of the prolog were clearly visible. I’ll go take a much closer look tomorrow, but it appears to be scary. Plain and simple, what I could see was… mmm… yeah, scary-looking crap to ride a dirt bike on! Pictures will appear tomorrow.


One Response to “Sibiu, I have returned!”

  1. Mark said

    I meet Mr. Jarvis on the early flight out of Sibiu last year! The journey there and back home was pretty darn magical.

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