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Great ride today

Posted by desflurane on June 15, 2013

First off, click here immediately to see pictures of the first prologue obstacles being constructed! Ultra cool (as long as there is no rain).

Ok, now that is out of the way…

I hit moon rocks again today with the goal to practice climbing and descending big hills. Mission accomplished! I more or less did laps up and down some of the hairiest hills out there. I had no big problems and increased my comfort level with coming down long, steep, loose grades. There is one very steep, nasty hill that I left alone by virtue of the fact that I was again riding solo. No need to crash hard and lie in the baking desert sun for hours and hours before (hopefully) being discovered… If I can get out there again with a buddy I will definitely give it a try.

I have ordered a new silencer tip from FMF, it should be here early next week. I attempted to remount the stock silencer but was rebuffed. When I had my ailing expansion chamber revived by the local KTM shop (read: had the dents blown out) the contour was altered just enough that it is no longer compatible with the stock unit.

Thus, I was compelled to endure repeated comments like “Hey dude, you lost your muffler…” every time I stopped to talk to anybody. A burden I was only too happy to bear.

And if you were looking for a solid reason NOT to ride without your silencer tip in place, here it is. No – the bike ran just fine, No – sand and dirt did not get into the packing, and No, the spark arrestor police did not drop in to give me grief. It turns out that during some of those long, nearly wide-open hill climbs some pretty hot exhaust comes out the end of that thing! Toasty enough to melt some of the plastic on the rear mud guard and burn right through my pull-strap! Without the tip in place to direct the stream of blistering hotness a bit downward and AWAY from the body work, unpleasant things begin happening.

Check it out!


Not what I consider “major damage” but I’ll wait for the new tip to arrive before my next ride!

One last thing…

I suppose its just human nature at work that I occasionally find myself feeling really down and inadequate when I contemplate what its probably going to be like out in the mountains of Transylvania. This usually occurs when I haven’t been able to get out on the bike for a while. I start asking myself “what am I doing?” or “how can I hope to compete with the other guys who will be there?” Then I get out and ride. The sun emerges from behind the clouds of despair. I feel confident and strong on the bike, I ride the way I WANT to ride. I climb the big hill. I tackle the rocks. I roost hard out of a tricky corner. Whatever… It just feels good! And suddenly I’m saying “OK. I know I’m not going to win or anything, but this is going to be FANTASTIC!”


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