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Seems like something is missing

Posted by desflurane on June 12, 2013

Got out for another great training ride today. Further testing of the new body armor is going well. It fits comfortably, is reasonably cool and seems to provide adequate protection when taking a spill. I haven’t really wadded up hard (and I hope not to) but the usual minor crashes that are par for the course get soaked up nicely by the high tech foam padding. As a result I come home without the usual scrapes and bruises I am used to. Can’t argue with that!

The construction area where I do a lot of practice riding is in a real state of flux. Trucks are coming and going frequently during the daytime hours leaving behind new and exciting obstacles to ride. One entire section was bulldozed flat recently, which initially seemed to be a real downer – it had been a very interesting spot to ride. But on further inspection some good new stuff was now available.


To wit… This lovely, near-vertical face was scooped out of the hillside! Tons of fun! The first time I hit it was nearly a disaster – the bike leapt nimbly to the top while I tumbled down backward. Fortunately the ground is fairly soft and sandy, no harm done.


Just a few yards away from this, a steep, loose hill climb presented itself. Its probably right around the forty-five degree mark (if not a hair steeper) and also fairly unstable and sandy. The bulldozer left a two-foot tall berm at its base that I had to blast through before I could try climbing the hill, but once I punched through the fun began! The climb is not especially long, maybe a bit over twenty feet tall but it makes for good practice – climbing and descending. I didn’t get a picture of it, but you can see where it is in the first photo, it’s just to the left of the big rock pile, the start is hidden behind the big pile of dirt.

I worked over my usual areas, the switchbacks, the ledges, the gymnasium, as well as the new stuff in the bulldozed spot. I found a few other challenging new lines here and there along the way. I’m generally feeling pretty good about my bike skills, and think that I’ll be ready to go in a couple of weeks.

When I turned toward home, I noticed that my bike sounded a little different – a little snarlier in the exhaust note. It reminded me of a car with an exhaust leak. A cursory examination of the expansion chamber and silencer revealed no holes. Hmmm…

When I got home I noticed this:


Mystery solved…

In addition you can see that my trusty Dunlop 739 is pretty much dead. It has given up its life in valiant service. I think I’ll try a Sedona 887 next. The boys at tuBliss said that it works just as well – some even like it better than the Dunlop. As an added bonus the Sedona tire is about thirty dollars cheaper. Sold!


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