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Posted by desflurane on May 28, 2013

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the riding gear I’ll be taking with me to Romania. As previously mentioned, I have pants, jerseys, boots and gloves all ready to go. I went ahead with my plan to order a solid orange Shoei VFX-W. Upon its arrival, I obtained a handful of stickers from the Reno Envy store (since I am hijacking their name as my “team” name for the event) and put some on. Here is how it looks:


As you can see in the pic, I have mounted my helmet cam up. I used the “stick-on” mount than Contour offers, so the camera can be removed fairly easily. I don’t expect to wear the camera much during the rally, probably just for the prologue and maybe the finish on day two – the “factory ride.” I haven’t had a chance to test the camera’s view angle yet. Unfortunately, you only get one shot at it when slapping the sticker onto the side of the helmet, so it will just be what it will be. From what I can tell from the aiming lasers, it appears to be more or less ok. Probably not perfect, but good enough.

I have also gotten a pair of the Klim Tactical Pants to wear under the riding pants, they have some high-tech pads on the hip, thigh and coccyx areas for a little impact protection. Additionally the ankle-length spandex-like material provides a nice, semi-slippery interface with my knee braces. Usually I end up with raw spots at the brace’s contact points despite the built-in padding and velour surface. The Klims solve this problem completely.


I have worn them on my last few training rides and they seem to work beautifully – very comfortable and the pads even seemed to fend off the rocks during a little spill I took last time. The weather hasn’t been especially hot around here lately, so I’m not sure how they will feel in the sweltering Romanian summer, but I think they are going to work out fine. I’ll probably order a second pair to take along.

The last bit I’ve been pondering is some different upper-body protection. I usually wear just my elbow guards and Camelbak and call it good. This is very comfortable and has offered reasonable protection in the past – the Camelbak has been used as a landing pad on many occasions and the elbow guards take a solid beating nearly every ride. But this arrangement leaves my shoulders and chest a bit vulnerable. I have been thinking about trying the Leatt 3DF:


It should obviously work well with my neck brace and provide a bit more protection about the old torso. I think that I would just remove the big spine pad when wearing the Camelbak to cut down on bulk and heat, but it would definitely be there for the prologue. They are a bit pricey, but I do have a little cash to burn in the Romaniacs savings account, so I think I’ll give one a try.


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