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Update from Kjetil

Posted by desflurane on May 6, 2013

Just got an email from Kjetil in Norway. It sounds like he is going to be a serious competitor in the expert class!


Sorry for the quiet times, but there’s so much going on these days.

My RBR prep is going great… lot of riding on my KTM’s , we had snow until 20 april, so it’s good to ride regular tires again.

I got a few set of GT tires, the GT216X, this is the “Jarvis” signature model.
It’s a 140 tire, and I use the Michelin 120 mousse in it, and you would not believe the traction…. it’s unreal…

As far as cardio, I’m now on my road race bike two times a week, and I’m getting slowly in shape.

The logistics are starting to come together, and plane tickets for my team is pay’ed for.
I have a list wich is almost half finished, it bikeparts, etc…

MY MAIN CONCERN in Romania is:::

-Heat, I’m from Norway, we have at best 25C during summer, and it can be 45C in Sibiu…this is a major issue for us. 
-Being on the bike for 6-10 hours every day, need more long trips over a few days before we travel to Romania.
-Food and liquid, to get enough food and liquid during the race, this is one of my main focuses during each race day.
-GPS navigation, need more skills before I feel comfortable.
I’m trying to train 5 to 7 hour trips on my roadbike, just with the intention of learning both food and drinking during a longer period of time.


-Bike, KTM 2013 300…. bulletproof machinery…..with spareparts.
-Tires, GT tires trough RBR, with tire service.
-Bike skills, I’m not worried about not getting through the course, we only ride rough terrain, so I feel this is under control.
-My team, all of them has been in some sort of service crew at RBR before.

I will try to post some vids on youtube, so you can look at our terrain….

Med vennlig hilsen/Best regards 

Kjetil Kvilhaug

Sounds great! I’ll be looking forward to some video!

My own preparations are coming along well also. I’ve been hitting the road on my bicycle as well as running (and riding the dirt and trials bikes too). I’m training up for a big relay race at the end of this month. It’s called the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey. We have a team of twelve runners each running three separate legs of the course over two days. My first leg is the longest and most difficult of he whole event. Eight and a half miles climbing over a mountain road. It’s actually Dog Valley where I have done a lot of training rides on the dirt bike. I’ll get to see the terrain in a whole new light!

This event is just a short-term goal to help motivate my training for Romania. It seems to be working!


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