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Free goggles!! Free goggles!!

Posted by desflurane on April 23, 2013

Just got this press release from Volker at Romaniacs. Ultra-cool! Goggles will be provided to all competitors this year, with exchanges provided twice per day!

I was fretting a little bit over how to handle the eyewear situation, particularly if it rains over there. Now it is a non-issue!

If that wasn’t sweet enough, they will be a limited-run special edition specifically for Romaniacs 10 – available for purchase after the event. I think I’ll score a pair or two!

Check it out!



WORLD PREMIERE: Free Goggle-Service at Offroad-Event

Red Bull Romaniacs and gloryfy love dirt, but not in rider`s eyes: all participants will receive free goggles with exchange service twice per day

Sibiu, Romania, April 23rd, 2013 – By providing free, unbreakable goggles to all participants, gloryfy and the organizers of the Red Bull Romaniacs plan to significantly increase safety at the special 10th edition of the Extreme Enduro race. All riders will receive a pair of Red Bull Romaniacs-branded goggles at registration. But it does not stop there: two times per day during each of the four offroad race days, riders can exchange their muddy goggles for a pair of clean and dry ones at no charge. The exchange takes place at the first and the third of the refueling points and is of course voluntary. Only gloryfy goggles will be exchanged.

In a co-operation with gloryfy, the organizers came up with the initiative to further increase the safety of dirt-riders during racing events. Body protection is already crucial in offroad sports: helmets, boots, gloves, back-protectors, neck- and knee-braces have become de-facto standards in racing – but when it comes to their eyes, the majority of riders are still taking high risks. As soon as their goggles lose visibility, most riders decide to continue riding without them. And losing visibility is normal business for racing goggles: either through mud and rain or dust and sweat. The only solutions are tear-offs, roll-offs or stopping and cleaning – all with limited success. This is why many competitors end up riding with their goggles off for most of the race, even on single trails in the forest, where branches are posing high risks to the eyes.

Martin “Frejn” Freinademetz: “We are all racing ourselves and are familiar with the problem. By offering clean, unbreakable goggles twice a day during each of our offroad days, we try to motivate our competitors to ride safer. And of course we assume that these limited edition goggles in Red Bull Romaniacs design will become a desired item for all our Fans!”

The replacement service during the event provides cleaned and dried goggles that were used by riders on the previous days. After the event, riders and fans can purchase the slightly used goggles for EUR 20,- and spare lenses can be ordered at gloryfy ( or licensed gloryfy dealers. The Red Bull Romaniacs goggles by gloryfy are a limited edition for the 10th anniversary of the Red Bull Romaniacs – only 800 pieces are manufactured.

Christoph Egger, CEO of gloryfy unbreakable: “gloryfy unbreakable eyewear is proud to support the Red Bull Romaniacs. One of the world’s toughest Extreme Enduros and unbreakable eyewear … sounds like a match made in heaven! The dirtbike-world is very important to us and we prove this with our brand new gloryfy GP5 MX goggle, which is already being used by teamriders like Andreas Lettenbichler, a former winner of the Red Bull Romaniacs or Taddy Blazusiak. We are looking forward to watch the world’s extreme Enduro elite compete in Romania!”

About gloryfy: Maximized protection of the eyes, highest functionality, a minimized risk of injuries and unique designs – thanks to the intelligent materials and innovative technologies from the Austrian eyewear company gloryfy. gloryfy unbreakable eyewear is available at well-assorted sport shops and opticians in the online-shop here at

More extensive information is also available on:



Pretty sweet! I’m definitely on board with this plan.


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