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Posted by desflurane on March 26, 2013

By way of update, I have been out riding the zero pressure tire setup some more and I have nothing but good news to report! The tire hooks up wonderfully in most types of terrain and as I said before, the increase in traction does wonders for my confidence level. It’s amazing the moves you can start pulling off when you are sure that the rear end will remain firmly planted and deliver the forward momentum you are expecting. All too often in the past I was sadly disappointed when hitting the throttle while approaching an obstacle (usually some sort of rock emerging from the sandy desert floor) – the back tire would spin out, failing to loft the front wheel and push the bike forward like I was planning. This would generally result in a full-halt-try-not-to-go-over-the-bars situation.

With the Dunlop/TuBliss/zero-pressure setup this is scenario far less likely and my ability to traverse rock gardens is markedly improved!

All is not wine and roses however. I ran into a bit of trouble after my last training ride. When I put the bike on the stand I noticed that the high-pressure stem had sunk down into the rim until its red cap was the only thing keeping it from disappearing altogether. This should never be the case when the inner bladder is inflated to 100-110 psi (and yes, I checked its inflation before leaving the garage). When I got it pulled apart, here is what I discovered.


As you can see, the red liner seems to have ruptured allowing the inner bladder to blast out through the hole. A phone call to Jeff at Nuetech revealed that this is a known means of failure. Apparently a defect in the casing of the red liner allows water to seep in, then during use the water heats up, expands and causes the rent in the plys. Very interesting.

At any rate, Jeff assured me that this is a defect that he would gladly warrantee, and another 18″ TuBliss system was sent my way. Excellent customer service!

A further note, I feel like I have finally gotten into a real training routine now. I have been training to some degree for the past year and a half – cycling, elliptical and riding the dirt bike when possible. But I feel that things have been able to take off with the fine weather we have been enjoying of late and the shiny new gym memberships my wife and I picked up recently.

I came to the realization that my morning workouts, while productive and convenient, would not be able to get me where I want to be fitness-wise. I would usually have at most 45 minutes to an hour each morning and I had to be careful not to make excessive noise since the rest of the family was still asleep. Shifting from early morning to afternoon workouts should allow me to increase the length as well as the intensity of my training sessions, and having a much broader array of equipment available can only help.

So, in fine, I’m fairly satisfied with how my training is coming along thus far. I’ll just keep at it and see how much I can get done by July!


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