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News from Norway – training tips from Graham Jarvis (heard of him?)

Posted by desflurane on March 5, 2013

I got an email from Kjetil my new friend in Norway. He recently traveled to Italy for this years running of the Hell’s Gate enduro. Here is what he had to say:

Hello Brandon

How are you, have you started you RBR preparations??

My Hells Gate trip was awesome, I have a friend who is from Italy, but he’s been living in Norway for 25 years, but still has his family house 25 minutes drive from where Hells Gate is raced.

Sadly I lost my digital camera in a creek five minutes after we arrived!!!

We had a blast and talked to all the top riders, the are down to earth, and generally cool people.

I actually asked Graham Jarvis what to train for to RBR… he said… steeeeep uphills and downhills, and take 5 to 8 hour trips on your bike, with the intention of drinking, eating and pushing uphills… getting used to long days.

He also said to use the garmin eTrex 20, a simple GPS.

Make sure you have access to drinking water, it can be really hot there he said.

I asked him about suspension setup, he told me that he could race full factory setup, but for extreme he chooses a fairly stock setup….!!!

I have started my cardio build, with 2 days each week in the gym, riding in deep snow once a week, and swimming once a week….

Maybe there will be studless riding in a month… it’s quite warm here now, but the snow is resilient after 5 months of freezing cold.

We have booked flights for my mechanics and friends, I have 3 in our team that are helping us.

Hope all is good with you and that you are riding.

Have you talked to Nathan???

Med vennlig hilsen/Best regards

Kjetil Kvilhaug

Pretty great stuff, no?

Graham Jarvis MIGHT just know what he is talking about, I suppose…

Interesting about his suspension. He could certainly run his pick of tricked out factory rigs, but chooses a more or less stock arrangement. I think I heard him say something similar in an interview I watched on YouTube.

Nathan is the other guy from the USA (Utah, to be specific) who is signed up to compete this year – Nathan Rafferty. I have tried, unsuccessfully thus far, to get in touch with him.

Yes the Romaniacs-specific training schedule is underway! I’ve been hitting the elliptical, the bicycle and dirt bike pretty consistently for the past few weeks. I need to keep upping the ante however – longer workouts, bigger rides on the bikes, etc.

As outlined in my master plan, I’ll continue ramping up the intensity until I peak/plateau in mid-June. Then I maintain for a couple of weeks to recover-up just before climbing onto an airplane bound for Eastern Europe!


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