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Fashion footwear

Posted by desflurane on February 22, 2013

My trusty old Sidi Crossfires have seen better days. They are fabulous boots to be sure, but they have been loved right to the brink of death! The time has come for some new ones. I was encouraging my wife to order up a new pair as a Christmas gift, but while searching for the best deal online I ran across the announcement of the new Crossfire 2. Well… Sign me up!

The only downside was that the 2’s were not available until just recently. I waited patiently for some size 45’s in the cool new red-white-and-blue scheme to appear, but finally opted for black and white – reasoning that a primarily white boot would look horrible after only a few rides.

The new boots arrived yesterday, here they are just before I put them on for the first ride (they’ll never look this good again):


I got out for a short training ride yesterday afternoon and the boots did not disappoint! Like my old Crossfires, break-in took minutes and comfort scored high. The toe box on the new boot feels slightly larger to me – requiring a bit more care when tucking my foot under the lever for an up-shift. Careless technique resulted in a few inadvertent downshifts when the opposite was intended.

My old Crossfires used the original circlip-style ankle hinge system which has been superseded by a covered hinge design. The newer ankle feels a bit thicker as a result – pushing my foot further out on the peg than I am used to. I just have to deliberately scoot my foot further inboard to get where I want to be. No big deal, I’m sure this will become automatic within a few more rides. And I think the wider ankle would be present even with newer Crossfire 1’s that also use the improved hinge.

The buckles on the 2’s improve on Sidi’s already excellent design. They snap closed with a good bit less effort now, but feel every bit as secure once slammed shut. I didn’t make a careful comparison but the buckles appear to have been moved slightly further aft on the upper portion of the boot, which would seem to offer a bit more protection from snagging and accidental unbuckling.

In summary, the Crossfire 2 is a clear upgrade to an already superlative boot. They cost fifty bucks more than the 1’s and are probably worth the difference.

BUT, whatever happened to good deals on Crossfire 1’s? I remember finding them selling for around $400 perhaps six months ago. Now the list price of $525 is ubiquitous! And good luck finding a pair of 2’s for a penny less than the prescribed $575!! I’m sure it will be some time before these bad boys go on sale anywhere, being the brand-new item and all.

I parted happily with the cash to get my pair, and I don’t regret the decision! Barring an unexpected lottery winning or unforeseen windfall of remarkable proportions, these will be the boots I take with me to Romania. I’ll just try to keep them pretty for the cameras…


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