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Note from Kjetil

Posted by desflurane on February 12, 2013

Well, how about this for a quick reply? Within about ten minutes I had a response from Kjetil. I had asked for any advice he thought would be worthwhile in preparing for Romania. Here is his email (used with his permission):

I have a few friends that have raced the RBR a couple of times, and as you say, it’s important to gain some knowledge about all the differences in racing in a foreign country etc.

Here in Norway there is a lot of snow and cold weather, and it will be at least until April, so the trailriding will have to wait, we are riding with studded tires in deep tracks.

I’m trying to work on my cardio and I’m swimming indoors a lot… as you may already know, a knee injury keeps you from training in certain ways like jogging and heavy weight lifting.

I have a backround from Trails riding and 20 years of motocross/enduro racing, so I will mostly focus on my cardio and muscle training.

I will race a few extreme enduro’s during the spring….

I do have to agree on your statement aboth riding steep hills up and down, but you will also need to ride in waterfalls, and thick woods, and slippery tree roots…

Try to learn how to stay on your bike no matter what in the steep downhills, walking/running on the side of your bike is a disaster in the making…

I also train to ride as I call it “ride easy” – by this this I mean, to try to ride as fluid as possible, so when I make my move, I always try to move forward, plan my lines, so that I dont need to get off and push my bike more than I have to….it’s better to stop and have a look than get stuck for half an hour.

I saw that you are renting a bike, you need a 300 twostroke…. this is far the best weapon for the RBR

The other thing I focus on is getting my body used to long days, with at least eating 5000 to 8000 calories every day, and drinking a lot of water, starting a month before the race.

Both my friends have raced the pro class, and they say that eating and drinking during the day is very important, this I assume is also important in the hobby class.

They also said that all the little things… bike-prep, fuel, tires etc must be taken care of by someone else than yourselves, you need to focus on only the riding…..

You should try at least to contact Nathan, it is always good to have a friend in the dark woods of Romania…

And you guys could team up in planning and stuff.

And I agree…”Let’s definitely keep in touch”

I will fly down to hellsgate this weekend and will give you a little report when I get back next week….

Cheers mate…..

Med vennlig hilsen/Best regards
Kjetil Kvilhaug

Good advice, I think! And what a nice guy!

Something to look forward to with the Hells Gate info!

And BTW, “Nathan” is Nathan Rafferty, the other guy from the USA signed up for the rally. He is riding the expert class. His “team” name is Ski Utah, so I’m assuming he is a Utahan.


One Response to “Note from Kjetil”

  1. Mark said

    Great advice! Riding down long steep hills under pines on a six inch bed of slippery needles is one skill I don’t have. I wish I lived someplace where I could ride year around, Minnesota sucks this time of year.

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