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Lest you think I’m slacking…

Posted by desflurane on February 11, 2013

The weather was beautiful once again today, and fortune smiled upon me and I was done with work by 1:00 pm. I ran into Ben as I was leaving the hospital (as he is a rep for a neurosurgical device company) and he was tied up for the afternoon, so there was little chance of having a riding buddy…

To be completely honest, my quads were still a bit sore from saturday’s ride, and the sunshine and lack of wind was making my pedal-powered bike a VERY attractive option. I rushed home, threw on my oh-so-sexy lycra and climbed aboard my carbon-fiber steed.

I pounded out a shade less than 32 miles and climbed every hill I could jam beneath my wheels in two hours. I ended up tackling 2350 feet (according to Strava – though my GPS tallied it up at 2700 feet) or 715 meters. Not a bad showing considering I haven’t been riding consistently for a couple of months.

I pondered as I slogged up one of the hills – that while wrassling a 230 pound dirt bike through heavy whoops and tight single track is a chore, I get a WAY better cardiovascular workout on the bicycle. Beyond the obvious fact that I am providing all the power rather than the roasted carcasses of long-dead dinosaurs… I can push myself a lot farther when I’m riding my bicycle. If I run my heart rate up to maximum climbing a hill on the bicycle, no big deal, I feel blasted, but there is minimal danger of taking myself out seconds later when when I case a jump or just don’t have the strength to throw the bike around to avoid some rocks. Generally speaking, the pavement is a much safer environment to push the envelope fitness-wise.

But as far as bike handling skills, clearly there is no substitute for saddle time on the smoker! I’ll be helping myself to generous portions of both!


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