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Got out for another great ride

Posted by desflurane on February 9, 2013

My friend Ben and I have been trying to get a ride to come together for a while now. But the same scenario played itself out again and again – we would text or talk back and forth about it, get pumped up for it, and then one or the other of us (sometimes both) would have to bail out at the last minute because of some other responsibility that emerged unexpectedly.

Well today the miracle happened!

Because our 16 year-old daughter (I know! I can’t believe I’m that old either!) has assumed control of the Dodge Durango that used to serve as my main dirt bike transportation vehicle, I was forced to load the 300 up on the back of my Jeep. It works fine, and hey, what could be more manly than a DIRT BIKE on the back of a JEEP? Not much, if you ask me!


So we met up at the designated trail head and were soon joined by our other riding companion for the day, Jeff. I have ridden with Ben and Jeff a number of times before. They are both great guys and are both excellent riders – Expert level racers, in fact. Every time I hit the trail with these guys I know I’m going to get an education. You can interpret that as meaning that I get “schooled” if you wish…

But they are gracious about their ability to completely ditch me on the trail and don’t let me get too far behind. And to be honest, while I can’t say that I truly kept up with them the whole time, I really do feel like I was able to keep myself much closer to their rear wheels than I ever have before. I am attributing that to the improved cornering skills I obtained while riding up at chalk bluff last fall. I can point her in another direction a lot quicker and with a lot more confidence now! As a result I’m on the gas a lot more, and a lot more aggressively. I didn’t suddenly become super-fast, but I think I’m much better.

We blasted out into the desert for a few hours, tearing up the best single track we could find out there. With the dirt in fine, damp condition – even mediocre trails seemed much, much better. Although in the gulley bottoms snow was still present in abundance, which made for some fairly exciting trips down the steep sections. Ben joked about the “luge tracks” we were riding on. Fortunately, it wasn’t quite that bad but conditions were very slippery at times!

Here is a pic that Ben took of Jeff and I:


The section of desert we chose happens to be replete with sandy trails that are frequently ridden and thus, heavily whooped-out. The bumps go on and on – literally for miles at a time. I’m definitely not in my peak riding form yet, and by the end of our outing, I was blasted! Primarily my arms were the weak link in my chain. Not arm-pump, but just overall arm fatigue to the point that I didn’t feel like I could safely attack the whoops with enough speed to negotiate them properly. I had to back off a bit on the gas and let the dust cloud recede into the distance for a while. I caught right back up when we exited the “whoop-fest” section, and we arrived back at the trucks simultaneously. No breakdowns, no crashes, lots of smiles on the trail. Perfect!


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