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The countdown has begun!

Posted by desflurane on January 4, 2013

Six months to go!

I’m planning on following the same overall training strategy I had adopted in 2011 – which I lifted from trainers who get people ready to run marathons. It basically consists of a training program that gradually ramps up the intensity until it peaks about a month before the big event (this would fall at the beginning of June for me) when the intensity decreases a bit – to a strong “maintainence” level. The idea is to get to the desired fitness level and kind of hover there – allowing time for healing any training-related injuries acquired along the way, so that the athlete arrives at the event strong, but rested and healed up – and ready to rock and roll!

Of course this will require a bit of adaptation, as it is designed for runners who are especially prone to overuse-type injuries when they push the training too hard. I’m planning to alternate days of aerobic/cardio (bicycle when the weather permits, elliptical when it doesn’t) and weight training. On top of that, I’m going to ride the dirt bike as often as possible. And continue focusing on developing the kind of skills that will help me in Romania. Crossing logs, climbing rocks, uphills, downhills, you name it!

I’ve got big plans to spend a lot of time riding the tight, technical single-track that is to be found in the Sierra Nevada not far away from here. I’ve also been thinking very seriously about getting myself on board a 2013 Husaberg TE300. I went to the local dealership and took a close look at one, and I think I’m in love…

I’m a bit conflicted about buying a new bike though. On one hand it would definitely motivate me to get out there and ride like a madman. But on the other, I would hate to put a shiny new bike through the punishment my training would dish out. My trusty ’09 300 would certainly get the job done, but the old girl has nearly 200 hours on her, stuff is bound to start going awry… Right?… Right?

Decisions, decisions…

Well, while I ponder shelling out for a new ride, I have started watching “The Walking Dead” on my iPad while working out on the elliptical. Netflix is the bomb!


3 Responses to “The countdown has begun!”

  1. Mark said

    I was at Romaniacs last year as part of the KTM 308r tour. Had such a good time! Even had the opportunity to party with the best riders in the world. If I were to enter as a competitor, I would concentrate on riding up and down the steepest terrain possible. Thats the thing I had the most problems with.

    • desflurane said

      Steep up and down-hill practice is definitely going to figure big in my training. While I couldn’t ride the Romanian hills when I was there in 2011, I could definitely see how steep they were! Since you have actually ridden over there, I really appreciate your input! Let me know if you have other suggestions!

  2. desflurane said

    I think your “old girl” will do you just fine for the time being! (And I don’t mean me šŸ™‚

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