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Service package update

Posted by desflurane on December 12, 2012

A couple of days ago it occurred to me that though I had wired money to Romania to hold the bike, I had taken for granted that the Adrenalin service package was arranged. Not so! I realized.

Not wanting to find myself devoid of primo mechanical assistance, I emailed Adrenalin immediately, announcing my desire to retain their expert services.

Clearly the association between Dougie and Adrenalin is a close one, because my email was forwarded to him and the reply came from him.

He said that I would do well to expedite things as far as the service package is concerned. According to his estimate, there are around 50 rental bike/service packages needed for 2013. The good mechanics will be in great demand (fought for were his words) so a solid booking is essential.

Needless to say, I replied solidly in the affirmative. Dougie also informed me that in order to save wire transfer charges I can wire the entire balance to him (for both the bike and the service package) and he will pass it on to Adrenalin.

I certainly have no objections to that, but if I had known better I would have wired Dougie the entire 2250 Euro initially rather than just the 1000 Euro deposit to hold the bike. As is, I have the privilege of forking over another $50 transfer fee. My own fault for not asking more questions, but I was in a rush because I didn’t want Dougie’s bike to slip away. I imagined that maybe I could pay the balance in person when I got to Sibiu, but for reasons already mentioned – that ain’t gonna work out…

Lesson learned.

I’ll send the balance over ASAP. The cash is just sitting there in my Romaniacs savings account accruing vast sums of interest… May as well put it to use.


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