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Getting back to business as usual

Posted by desflurane on December 10, 2012

It’s too damn cold in the mornings to ride my bicycle to work!

The mercury dips well below “frozen solid” during the hours I would otherwise be commuting, so I am sadly turning away from my beloved Scott Foil 40 and seeking out opportunities to suffer elsewhere…

The problem is that after riding my road bike 50-100 miles per week I am totally spoiled for going back to my “usual” exercise. I am having a really tough time getting motivated to jump on our elliptical machine in the dark hours of the morning. Now a nice hill-filled ride to work while the sun creeps slowly up over the horizon I can get excited for, but whirring away endlessly while staring at my bedroom wall… Not so much.

It’s not that bad really, I do have a tv to watch and some wireless headphones so I don’t wake the whole house, but it just lacks that element of adventure!

Regardless, for the moment that’s just how it’s going to be.

No major snow has fallen as yet, so I can definitely get out on the dirt bike for training rides. I have made this happen a couple of times in the past week or so and I can provide a positive report there! Conditions are really good right now. The dirt is moist, but not too muddy and temperatures are near ideal in the afternoons.

Construction has resumed in the housing development near where I ride. As a result things are continually changing in the rubble piles I frequent. Entire mountains of earth and rock appear and vanish overnight. Sad to see some fun obstacles disappear, but new ones materialize in their wake. Keeps the ride to the same old spot fresh.

I’ve been trying to push myself a bit when it comes to riding the rocks. I have been forcing myself to ride up and over big rocks rather than always following the cracks in between. Takes more confidence and commitment but often results in a much smoother ride through a rough section.


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