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The deal is done!

Posted by desflurane on November 29, 2012

Got this email from Dougie this morning:

Hi Brandon

Not checked my bank account, will do so next week, have taken the advert out !

Sorry – bike does not come with new tyres fitted.

But bike can be prepared and ready for you with NEW tyres and mousses fitted(you order and pay for) New tyres should be 0k for 2 days off Romaniacs riding, (unless you really want a new rear tyre each day) so you should consider ordering 2 front and 2 rear for the event.
Starting with a new set on the bike and changing both front and rear at the end of day 2. (having a good front tyre gives confidence !)

At the moment there is discussions with 2 tyre suppliers, Goldentyre and Mitas.
For sure Goldentyre will supply at the event. Your Adrenalin Racing SRL mechanics will organise the changing of tyres and wheels for you. (part of service package)

Goldentyre have a new xtreme enduro tyre out, knobs are really flexible, softer than a trials tyre, not tried it, but it looks so incredibly soft that if you wish to use them I would order three rear tyres for event !

Front tyre GT216 80/90-21 Enduro F.I.M – € 50
Rear tyre GT216 HB 140/80-18 Enduro F.I.M – € 60
Rear tyre GT216 X 140/80-18 Enduro F.I.M – € 70 – softer new for extreme enduro.

Goldentyre Mousses € 100 per piece – rear or front

I will sort out the best tyre /mouse combination for you before event.

The bike is already set up to be very useable, power valve/carburation setup is just right, not aggresive, super smooth, carbureter was tuned up by Jonny Walkers Manager/mechanic/Mentor Julian Stevens in Turkey. He really is an expert, (has 5 World championships as mechanic) we had long conversations! – gave me some other good tips that have already been added to your bike !


So it’s confirmed! I got the Bolton bike!

And arrangements for the event are essentially complete! Just a few details to take care of – international racing license, evac. insurance, tires/mousses, and a room for Sunday nite when I arrive in Sibiu. No sweat!


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