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Dialogue with Dougie

Posted by desflurane on November 28, 2012

To best answer questions and accurately inform all (both…) of my loyal followers, I shall post the emails I have been exchanging over the last few days.

This is from race director Dougie Maclean and was forwarded to me by Kitt. It is in response to his inquiry about bike rental, it includes info about bike rental in general as well as renting his bikes in particular:

Dougie here / Race Director. I am assisting and helping to organise the competitors of Red Bull Romaniacs with rental motorbike service and a service package and tyre service for the event.

Adrenalin racing – Service package and motorcycle rental

Basic service details are here

to answer some specific questions.
Yes – the mechanics change/clean and re-oil the air filters . (many riders bring 2 spare air filters with them)
yes – the mechanics change any oils needing changed (you simply have to pay for the oils/oil filters used)
yes – The mechanics organise the tyre changes during event – no mounting charge is made.
(you have to pre-order your tyres and mouses before event and pay for them)
yes – mechanics repair damage to motorcycle to keep you racing, if new parts are needed (you have to pay for parts replaced)

If for example on a 2 stroke , if the front pipe is so smashed in it is not repairable, then yes the renter has to pay the full cost replacement.
if the exhaust is dented – and can be blown out /repaired then the repair cost is deducted from the behaviour bond/spare parts bond.

Normal every day enduro use scratches – no payment.
Scratched shroud ok, but if the carbon fibre exhaust protection is structurally damaged (no longer will function properly) then yes would need to be replaced

Rental bikes NEW 2013 models basically have to be booked months before the event, this is to ensure delivery before event !!, any special preparations (added hard parts, de-restricting of bike, special set ups) can be ordered and fitted before you arrive. (there may be an additional cost for this)

It is important to get organised soon, the people who are renting motorbikes have to order bikes well in advance of the event, there is not enough NEW motorbikes simply lying around in the volumes needed for all Romaniacs competitors.|
My advice – get organised- get in there first !!

The basic cost for NEW bike rental is around 2000 euros. This is for the 5 days of the event and motorbikes will be made available to you at least one day before the prolog for setting up of suspension and for you to make personal changes and additions.

You will be asked for a large deposit to secure a rental bike. (especially for ordered new bikes)

There is a ”behaviour bond/spare parts bond” requested, minimum 500 euro in cash per bike,
This is so that parts can be purchased during the event to replace anything you break,
if a part can be repaired then this is done.
– If no damage is found on bike after renting then the 500 Euro is returned
or the damaged unrepairable parts paid for and the remainder left is returned



Race Director
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007-2013

And here is what Dougie sent me in response to my request for info about his bikes:

Hi Brandon

Yes below are my personally prepared bikes, I keep 2 bikes for specifically renting to Romaniacs overseas competitors.

I own another 3 other bikes I personally use more regular,
KTM EXC 300cc 2011
KTM EXC 200cc 2009
and an old friend which has done over 100,000 miles – a 2004 KTM EXC 450cc

the below bikes are not rented yet.
First person to transfer the 1000 Euro deposit has them.

My full time paradise work is Enduro – hence reason for so many bikes !

Here are rental cost for Romaniacs and some details

KTM EXC 300cc 2013 model

Specially prepared for xtreme enduro & ready to race at Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye 2013

Fitted with
– KTM hard parts – hand guards
– Engine frame guard
– Front and rear pull straps
– CArbon fibre Exhaust guard
– Bullet proof radiator guards
– brake snake
– Anti vibration PDS handlebar clamps
– KTM hard parts – Radiator fan cooler
– Many small modifications to keep reliability and improve bike performance.

This bike came third at the recent Sea to Sky event with pilot Paul Bolton.

1800 Euro
2250 Euro with Adrenalin Racing SRL service and maintenance package


Husaberg TE 300cc 2012

Specially prepared for xtreme enduro & ready to race at Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye 2013

Fitted with
– Cyra handguards
– “hyde” Engine and frame guard
– Front and Rear pull straps
– Exhaust guard
– Aluminium clutch cover protector
– brake snake
– steering damper
– KTM hard parts – Radiator fan cooler
– Many small modifications to keep reliability and improve bike performance.

1500 Euro
1950 with Adrenalin Racing SRL service and maintenance package

Dougie R Maclean

And finally, this is Dougie’s response when I asked where to send funds, he also recommends the Adrenalin service package:

Hi Brandon

Which bike?

Also go with Adrenalin service package – are good people ! They speak good English.
They know my bikes – We work as good team – they organise all my re-engineering work for me.
My bikes have many improvements over stock new bikes, are set up specifically for ROMANIA and the rigours of Red Bull Romaniacs, to provide better reliability,100% working electric starting, no overheat problems and many many minor but important improvements.

I will lend Adrenalin SRL my parts collection boxes if they are providing support servicing and repair service for my bikes. (has spare clutch parts/silencer exhaust/engine casings and and and…, also could include a complete bike)

There is a ”behaviour bond/spare parts bond” = 500 euro in cash before start,
could also be made by bank transfer BEFORE event if organised before you arrive.
This is so parts can be purchased during the event to replace anything you break (that is not repairable)
if a part can be repaired(nearly as good as new or better) then this is done.
If no damage is found on bike after renting then the 500 Euro is returned.
If damaged unrepairable parts have been paid for or still need to be then what is left from the 500 Euro is returned.

The KTM (#33) came in third place at the Sea to Sky event
Red Bull Sea To Sky with Paul Bolton as pilot, but both bikes are good, personally I prefer the Husaberg TE300cc, strange and not sure exactly why !

Will be looking for a 1000 Euro deposit to keep bike for you !

My bank details.


This is a EURO account. Transfer in EURO !! not in Romanian currency – or a higher charge will be made.

You must pay banking transfer costs, dollar/euro xchange costs.
ASK what this cost is before you make any transfer (some banks charges are criminal) and can be negotiable.


Dougie R Maclean

So, there you go! You know as much as I do (possibly more…)


2 Responses to “Dialogue with Dougie”

  1. Kitt stringer said

    Hey, nice work! I’m glad you went for the KTM or I’d be kicking myself for sending you the info, as I currently ride a Berg, and that’s what I’m looking for! I’m emailing back and forth with Dougie as well to get the Berg for the race. It will be nice to have that all done.

    • desflurane said

      Oh, good! I was worried that I might be stepping on your toes a bit – as it were, I’m glad I didn’t. The window of opportunity seemed to be open, and I went for it. I actually did think about emailing you to see what your intentions were before pulling the trigger, but obviously I didn’t – my apologies! And I’m glad I didn’t screw you over!

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