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Airfare – Check! Entry Fee – Check! Bike Ridden By Paul Bolton – Check!

Posted by desflurane on November 27, 2012

A great deal has transpired in the last few days:

Some comments on the blog from Kitt Stringer got me eager to start pushing the ante up on my Romaniacs commitment level. Kitt mentioned that he had wired over his entry fee and asked some questions about some other related stuff. Like me, he had emailed the outfits in Sibiu who would be offering bikes and service for the event. His experience differed from mine in that he actually got a reply…

As expected there are several ways to go, varying in cost and coolness. New bikes can be obtained, as well as pretty new bikes, and even some not-all-that-new bikes. Among the offers were a couple of 300’s owned and maintained by Race Director Dougie Maclean: a 2012 Husaberg and a 2013 KTM. Both are finely outfitted for Romanian trails by somebody who is truly an expert in field! As an added bonus, the KTM is in fact the very bike that Paul Bolton rode to his third place finish at this year’s Red Bull Sea to Sky.

Now, I ask you – HOW CAN A BIKE RENTAL GET ANY COOLER THAN THAT? Owned by who? Hmmm, lets see… Oh, yeah! The guy running the whole race. And who has planted their heroic butt on this saddle before and ridden it to glory atop mount Olympus? Well, that would be none other than one of my dirt-biking heroes, Mr. Paul Bolton! Thanks for asking!


And Done!

After receiving word from Dougie that the KTM was in fact still up for grabs, and informing him of my intent to secure it, I hustled right over to the bank and arranged for 1000 gleaming euros to be wired to Sibiu ASAP (it’ll happen tomorrow as it turns out, I missed the overseas wire deadline by twenty minutes or so…) And the shining orange steed shall be mine!

Unless some other bonehead got to it first…

In which case I’ll snap up Dougie’s TE 300 with nearly equal enthusiasm.

And, since I was busily wiring cash overseas anyway, I ponied up my 1480 Euro entry fee also.

This all took place today at 2:00 PM, which is midnight in Sibiu, so I haven’t heard back from Dougie, but I’m sure I will by tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Airfare – Check! Entry Fee – Check! Bike Ridden By Paul Bolton – Check!”

  1. Gelston said

    Was 1000 euro for the deposit only, or is that the complete cost of the bike rental. How do they calculate damages to the bike? Are you responsible for any damages?

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