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I’m going to Romania at the very least!

Posted by desflurane on October 26, 2012

I just booked my flights to and from Sibiu – thus making the trip OFFICIAL! I leave on Saturday morning June 29, arriving in Sibiu at 3:20 pm on Sunday the 30th. I’ll slum around Sibiu Sunday afternoon and Monday – getting checked in to the event, picking up the bike, etc. then the fun begins on Tuesday!!


The awards party will be held Saturday nite. I crash until Sunday morning when I fly out at 7:15. I’ll be back in Reno at 8:30 that night (since I gain 10 hours coming back this way). Assuming all went well I’ll be back to work monday morning – though I think I’m going to request to be scheduled for a light day or two right when I get back – as I may need a little more recovery time! We will see!

And, by the way, through the magic of award miles accumulated via our United Airlines Visa, the airfare is costing me $126. Not bad! I had been planning on about $2,500 so I’m WAY ahead of the game, money-wise at this point. I’m keeping an eye on the Euro – USD exchange rate waiting for my moment to strike – and wire over the entry fee. Might as well save a few bucks there too if I can.


7 Responses to “I’m going to Romania at the very least!”

  1. kitt stringer said

    Nice work! very helpful. My buddy and I are also registered for 2013- I just wired my funds yesterday. We’ll be coming from the West coast in British columbia. Man, logistically there is a ton of work to getting to this race! We still havnt figured out the rent/buy/ship the bike yet. Also because there are two of us, we are thinking of bringing our own mechanic with us- it will be cheap with airmiles and may just be a good way to go.
    Best of luck!

    • desflurane said


      I’ll see you there!

      I need to get busy and wire my entry fee over, I’ve been dragging my feet hoping the exchange rate will shift a little more in my favor, but I definitely don’t want to miss out because I waited TOO long!

      It would be great to have your own personal mechanic for sure.

      Good luck to you as well!

      • Kitt stringer said

        Thanks! Great job on the blog! When you were there was it fairly easy to get around? We are trying to figure out if we should rent a car or not for the mechanic if we go that route. Still trying to figure out if it is just better to get the local service option. Are you racing hobby, expert or pro? We both race expert at home, but have signed up in hobby for Romania- we just hope it’s not “too easy” 🙂

  2. desflurane said

    We rented a little car from Sixt when we were there and I think that would definitely be the way to go if you take your own wrench man. I don’t think you would have much of an option really, if you wanted your mechanic to be there at the service points along the track. I’m not sure but I don’t think that there would be another way to do it – I’m not positive about that, but I don’t know that any transportation is provided for the support people (like a mechanic). Its probable that they could hitch a ride with somebody and get where they needed to go, but I wouldn’t want to count on that myself.

    I’m going to ride the hobby class for sure. Last year Devin Ferguson rode hobby and seemed to feel like it was a bit too easy for him. In the past I’ve heard people say that expert and pro are pretty insane, so its hard to say!

    • kitt stringer said

      Thanks for your info- Our original plan was to take part in the KTM purchase program, but I just heard this morning that it is not availible for KTM or Husaberg which leaves renting and shipping. Are you renting there? I have info from all the endorsed rental companies, so let me kow if you need any. I’m also looking into renting a container and shipping some stuff, maybe even bikes, but not sure yet at this point. Based on the info I recieved from the rental places, it looks like the charges can really add up! plus you are paying for parts and such, then if you want tires etc, everything with a price! 🙂 We have just ordered a set of Goldentyre to try out here and see if we like them.

      • desflurane said

        I’m definitely going to rent a bike, unless I win the lottery between now and July… I emailed about bike rental and didn’t get any response (may have been too early?) Shoot me whatever info you got back!

  3. Kitt stringer said

    I got back a bunch of info on service and rentals from a few different companies. If you send me an email at I’ll forward them in to you.

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