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Comment from Devin

Posted by desflurane on August 24, 2012

Devin Fergison replied to a question posed in the comments section. I don’t want his response to be missed, so I’m duplicating it here:

It was still around 9k but I was there for 9 days. The biggest prob is nobody but the event people take euro, so u need to get Romanian money and we also had a lot of problems with credit cards. You definitely need to let them know you will be there and then over there they kept asking us for a pen # everytime we tried to use one. We ended up just getting cash out of the ATM at the hotel. The service guys I used did a great job. At every midpoint rest stop they were there, but the bike on the stand, go over the whole bike. At the end of the day they would wash, clean filter and check/repair any issues. You still had to but the parts but I was very easy on the bike, I didn’t even put a ding in the pipe. I will say this, given the terrain that I like to ride I would have enjoyed the expert course better. There was only one hill I had to have help on, I would get passed on the open parts of the course- double track and gravel roads and there were a lot of them. If you have other questions just let me know.

And, I’ll throw in my reply (it is MY blog, after all…)


Thanks for the info! It’s like gold to get the low-down from somebody who has done it!

As far as credit cards – I agree with you it’s CRITICAL to let the credit card company know you will be traveling abroad – to avoid having your card shut down when they start seeing crazy charges appear from Romania of all places! We also used atm’s to get Lei (as well as Euros while we were in Austria). As you point out (and as I did in my guide) Romanians don’t use Euros! They want Lei!

Which service outfit did you go with? Sounds like you were happy with what you got!

As far as Expert vs. Hobby class, do you think weather would change your mind there? Would drenching rain and mud have made a big difference? It certainly would increase the difficulty across all the classes.

Was there anything you would NOT do again if you went back?

Thanks again! And please chime in with any other insights you think might be worthwhile.


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