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Training continues

Posted by desflurane on July 5, 2012

Not much excitement to report since this year’s rally wrapped up. On about offroad day three I noticed that the link to register for 2013 was active, so I signed on up.

Training has been going very nicely. My good friend started riding his bicycle to work most days, and I have tried to follow suit. It’s fifteen miles each way to the hospital where I work most often. When my schedule permits, I’ve been commuting! It has really been great. I feel like I’m getting a much better quality workout each morning and you just can’t beat the psychological effects of a good ride before work! I get there feeling charged up and ready to rock and roll.

I’ve noticed a gradual reduction in my girth as well. Not that I’ve tanked up too much, but my weight has fluctuated somewhat over the last year. Immediately following the accident I lost quite a bit of weight (probably as my left leg muscle wasted away to nothing…) and I stayed there from June-July of last year until around the holidays. I got so tired of people commenting that I looked too thin or asking my wife if I had cancer – that I just kind of abandoned all self control over x-mas and new years. As a result, I found myself about fifteen pounds heavier this spring. Honestly, I wouldn’t have called myself fat, but I would like to be much closer to my lean-mean 185 lbs riding weight. I’m currently at 194, and falling…

As far as getting out on the bike (motorbike, that is) things have not been so great. A couple of weeks ago I set out for my usual training ride – battle my way up workout wash, then tackle the switchbacks and all the other thrilling obstacles I have located to challenge myself on.

About halfway up workout wash, the smell of coolant was overpowering! I leaned forward to take a look at what was going on and discovered that antifreeze was pouring out onto the ground. I threw the bike on the kickstand and got off for a closer peek. To my surprise, the hose connecting the water pump to the bottom of the right-hand radiator had a nice little hole in it. A steady stream of boiling coolant was spewing out onto my expansion chamber. Ride over…

I went to the KTM shop and got parts, but haven’t had time to fix the bike up until yesterday (July 4th). Since I was going to have to tear the bike down partially to get to the hose (seat, gas tank and expansion chamber off) I decided to throw in a new spark plug, adjust the carb (drop my needle one space to account for the increase in temperature we are enjoying here) and a few other little tweaks that I’ve been needing to take care of.

All went well and I got out for a solid ride today during the five-hour break I have between cases today – the day after a major holiday is often a bit of a cluster. The bike ran FANTASTICALLY! I rode well and tackled a few obstacles that I’ve been shying away from on previous rides. Things are good!

I’ll go into that a bit more in another post.


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