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Romaniacs e-mail

Posted by desflurane on May 29, 2012

Volker sent this out a while ago:

Track details and Pre-Race update just 4 weeks before the 9th edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs

The Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro 2011 event DVD is available worldwide in June

Sibiu, Romania, May 17th, 2012 – Xventure Freinademetz offroad, the management organizing team of the toughest Hard-Enduro Rallye on earth, announces first details of the racetrack for the 9th edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs and the availability of the 2011 event DVD.

Like in the years before, the event will be the highlight of the race season for many of the participating competitors and visiting fans alike. The typical Red Bull Romaniacs competitors are Enduro riders who love to be challenged to their limit while having the time of their life on one of the most beautiful natural enduro tracks in the world. 600km of partially untouched trails through Romania`s wilderness, together with a prologue in the city center of Sibiu – in front of thousands of spectators – create the unique experience of the Red Bull Romaniacs. Chris Birch: “I love this race, if anyone out there is thinking about doing it, I can only encourage you: I have done all sorts of races all around the world and this is by far the best. Just make sure you pick the right class…!” To assure that riders with different skill levels and objectives are equally challenged, the Red Bull Romaniacs is spread over the following classes: Hobby Single, Hobby Team, Expert Single, Expert Team, Professionals (PRO). The list of the 2012 Red Bull Romaniacs competitors and starting numbers can be found here:

Starting this year, each of the competitors will receive additional public exposure through the media publishing services of Xventure Freinademetz offroad, the organizers of the race and Red Bull, the main sponsor. Aside from coverage in international media, Facebook, daily video clips, blogs, webcasts and TV transmissions, each participant will find at least one photo of himself each day on Furthermore there will be live internet transmissions from the prologue (in HD), from most of the arrivals at the daily finishes (in SD) and from the riders presentation to the press. On top of this, each competitor will receive one of the highly anticipated DVDs from the 2011 event. The Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro 2011 event DVD will be unveiled to VIPs, the press and 2012 competitors at the opening party on Monday, 11th of June, 08.30pm in the conference room of the Ramada hotel. Among others, the DVD will be available at: and

In 2012, the track will again cover a high percentage of new and untouched trailsthat will be spiced with new and partially “insane” obstacles. The demanding nature of the 4 offroad days will increase with each day: starting “gentle” with Offroad Day One and peaking in a “tough” Offroad Day Four, while Offroad Day Three is the most beautiful one with spectacular views, a good flow and themost extreme coverage of altitude meters: 19.000m (going a total of 9.500m uphill and 9.500m back downhill during the day…). For the PRO riders, Offroad Day Three will also present one of the hardest track sections, named “Please no rain”. The 2012 overnight bivouac will not be in Orastie again, and instead bring the whole race to a completely new offroad region around Voineasa (night of Day 2 to Day 3). A special highlight this year will be the overall finish of the Red Bull Romaniacs: it will be celebrated at the famous Gusterita hill-climb, which is well known from the finish of Offroad Day One in 2011 and will present one final challenge to the exhausted competitors!

These are the track details:
Offroad Day One: 155km, min. 4,5hrs (minimum estimated riding time), av. 6hrs (average estimated riding time), 15.000 altitude meters. Offroad Day Two starts in Gura Raului, heading towards Jina and then returning to Gura Raului for the service point; after that, the track is leading to the ski station Arena Platos near Paltinis and finishing in Cisnadioara. It includes the following extreme sections:
“Quad trail” (PRO): so easy, you could ride it with a quad… uphill along a wood pulling line across rock
“Slimy river” (ALL): slippery downhill
“Bear Grylls” (PRO): steep forest uphill
“Black Mamba” (PRO): super long upriver trail across rocky steps and logs, not really a trail – more a nightmare
“Electric Boogie” (PRO, EXP): this will make our riders experience funny moves on their bikes

Offroad Day Two: 160km, min. 4.5hrs, av. 6hrs, 13.800 altitude meters. Offroad Day Two starts 35km south of Sibiu and leads over several mountain ranges towards Voineasa for the service point. After the service point, competitors are taken on a nice loop around the area before again coming back to Voineasa for the overnight bivouac. It includes the following extreme sections:
“Appetizer” (PRO): warm-up just after the start, a nice downhill through a river followed by an uphill through a rocky river
“Sherwood Forest” (ALL): a beautiful passage through a wild forest, Robin Hood style
“600cc” (PRO, EXP): downhill, very narrow trails along a steep ridge with incredible views
“Mikado” (ALL): 1km long section of crossing one wood log after the other, a free training exercise for the Hobby class
“RED HOUSE LOOP” (ALL): beautiful and fast high altitude section descending on very old stony shepherd trails

Offroad Day Three: 187km, min. 5hrs, av. 6.5hrs, 19.000 altitude meters. Offroad Day Three starts in Voineasa, going over the mountains to a servicepoint in the small village of Salistea to later head in the direction of a forestry wood working area 35km south of Sibiu, where the finish of Offroad Day Three is located (close to the start of Day two). It includes the following extreme sections:
“GO HOME” (PRO): zigzag trail that will raise bike temperature and riders pulse alike
“Please no rain” (PRO): steep forest uphill, almost 1km of altitude covered
“Highway A8” (ALL): high speed section along the top of a mountain range, one of the few “full throttle” sections with spectacular view in 2.000m altitude
“Beast” (ALL): old walking trail along a ridge, Hobby class will bite this one for about one hour and can relax after that at service point
“Last chance” (PRO): long, steep downhill along a ridge with 1km of altitude delta

Offroad Day Four: 160km, min. 5hrs, av. 7 hrs, 16.000 altitude meters. Offroad Day Four starts in Cisnadioara, heading into the Fagaras Mountains around Turnu Rosu and finishes in Sibiu. It includes the following extreme sections:
“Rocky V” (PRO): uphill along a rocky ridge – as bad as the movie Rocky V…
“Gravity Zero” (PRO): new, vertical “free-fall” downhill
“Hunter 1” (PRO): beautiful uphill along a foot trail used by hunters, starting in a river and ending on a narrow ridge
“Fun Park” (PRO, EXP): fun obstacles to play with – just like in a skate park
“Sand Cake” (ALL): sandy, narrow canyon, partly downhill, partly flat, nice flow to bounce off the walls

More extensive information is now also available for all riders about the specifics of the daily tracks, the service points and much more:

Red Bull Romaniacs, the toughest Hard-Enduro rallye on earth!
4 days of competition along a difficult and enthralling course, which leads through the Southern Carpathian Mountains and redefines the meaning of “Extreme Enduro”. The Rally is tailored for ultimate offroad and Enduro fun – combined with challenges that bring the participants of each individual class (HobbySingle, Hobby Team, Expert Single, Expert Team, PRO) to their limits. Due to these challenges and the difficulty level, high abandon rates are common. Therefore: To FINISH is to be a WINNER. The track is unfolding along well-chosen mountain areas, rocky grounds, hills and valleys; tarmac is avoided as much as possible. Despite the tough challenges, all competitors agree that the Red Bull Romaniacs is one of the most beautiful Enduro races. The breathtaking countryside, the Romanian hospitality and the fact, that it is a race from riders for riders, make every event a long lasting memory for participants and fans alike. The daily distances covered range from 100km to 200km.

Red Bull Romaniacs


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