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My Airoh

Posted by desflurane on April 20, 2012

It’s been a year since I decided to splurge on some quality brain protection – in the form of a lovely Shoei helmet in red, white and blue. I fully intended to take this helmet with me to Romania, but that didn’t quite work out…

When I was in Romania I was really hoping to find someplace selling Airoh helmets, but this didn’t pan out either. I spent so much time on the media bus that I never had the chance to snoop around for a purveyor of these fine wares.

The Airohs are the lightest offroad helmets made (950grams) and they seem to be required equipment among the european pro riders. And they look rather cool to boot. Nobody imports them into the USA – apparently because these helmets do not carry either DOT or Snell approval ratings. The ECE 22.05 standard is employed which, some say, is a better indicator of real-world protection than the standards used here in the States. I don’t know enough about any of the standards to comment, but I think that given Airoh’s popularity in europe rumors would abound if they didn’t provide adequate protection.

When I got home from the Romania trip, my riding pal Ben announced that he had ordered an Aviator up from someplace in England and that he was quite happy with it. Hefting his new headgear proved that these helmets are indeed a good bit lighter than anything available here in the States.

When the time came around to replace my headgear (its over a year old and has been through a major crash, after all…) I decided to look into the Airoh prospect.

I went on to Ebay and found the British seller where Ben had gotten his helmet. DirtBikeExpress is the name of the outfit. They currently carry a 99.9% positive feedback rating. The price was 299.99 Pounds plus 24.99 Pounds for international shipping. In total it worked out to about $525 – basically the same price as the Shoei I have been wearing.

I pulled the trigger, paid the cash via PayPal and the helmet was matting down my greasy hair after about a week. I LOVE the helmet! It is incredibly light and comfortable. As far as the Ebay transaction, it couldn’t have been easier or smoother.

If you were thinking about scoring a slick european head skid, this is one fine way to go in my opinion.


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