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A semi-successful trip to Utah

Posted by desflurane on April 18, 2012

I had the week following Easter off and we decided to hitch up the trailer full of our dirt-toys and travel to the Logan Utah area (where most of my wife’s family has migrated over the last five years). Logan is situated among beautiful mountains and is fairly close to Bear Lake. A little online research showed that there are literally hundreds of miles of ATV trails in the Bear Lake area connecting into the greater system of trails that run all through the mountains of northern Utah and southern Idaho. Normally these trails are buried in snow until June or July, but this winter has been so mild – I was hoping that some of the lower altitude routes would be open.

I was wrong.

A visit to the local ranger station revealed that ALL trail gates were closed.

Even the lower-altitude ones?

Yes, all of them.

Any trails nearby, in the general vicinity that might be open?

I did say “all” didn’t I?

Yes, I suppose you did.

Well there you go…

Being a farming community, Logan and the outlying towns and more importantly all the fields, gullys, hills, etc. are part of somebody’s property and it is well fenced and adorned with “No Trespassing” signs.

It seems to be the unwritten law (and probably the written law as well) that you respect land ownership rights and all that trespassing sort of nonsense… Quite a lot of bother when you want to go out for a little ride on the dirt bike.

So as a result, the riding opportunities were limited to several acres of hillside adjoining a local reservoir. There were some really nice steep, gravelly hillclimbs but they were sadly only about thirty to forty feet tall. Somebody had put in a little loop of singletrack (maybe half-mile in length) right at the base of the dam, and it was quite fun to do laps on.

I made the best of things and rode the reservoir most of the days we were there. The main downside was that these few precious acres of land also served as the local shooting range, and I generally had to wait for bullets to stop flying before I could get into one half of the area or the other. Oh well – I didn’t get shot..

It rained for most of the day Thursday and I did’t even try to get out in the drizzle.

Friday was blue-bird, however and I eagerly mounted up and tore into the freshly watered loam! It was glorious! The hillclimbs, though short, were really fun. They were all the result of gravel excavation from the hillside, so they were short, steep inclines where the gravel had been scooped away. At the top you always exited onto the native hillside at a much gentler angle. A few of the lines resulted in a perfect lip at the top, so a spirited third-gear run was rewarded with a nice bit of air at the end! Great fun!

My wife was kind enough to pack our suitcases for the trip and I had just run home from work, hitched the trailer up and we blazed out of town. As a result my helmet cam and SLR spent the week at home, so no photo or video documentation of the trip. Hopefully we can go back later when the trails are open and there is more to tell about.


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