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2012 track data

Posted by desflurane on February 28, 2012

I think I had seen this before, but hadn’t really given it much thought since I knew that I wouldnt be able to compete in this year’s rally. It is good info to know ahead of time, however. So here it is, the length of the tracks for each day as well as ascent and descent data. Amazing that this is available – and they put this up back in November!

[BTW, I’m sure it should be “descent” rather than “decent” – oh well…]

Day 1
H: 108Km        Ascent: 6110m        Decent: 6050m
E  125Km        Ascent: 7800m        Decent: 7810m
P: 133Km        Ascent: 10264m       Decent: 10270m
Day 2
H: 114Km        Ascent: 6880m      Decent: 6580m
E: 115Km        Ascent: 7260m      Decent: 6960m
P: 118Km        Ascent: 7750m      Decent: 7540m
Day 3
H: 106Km       Ascent: 7152m        Descent: 7419m
E: 120Km        Ascent: 8120m        Decent: 8377m
P: 132Km        Ascent: 10880m       Decent: 11130m
Day 4
H: 120Km       Ascent: 6140m        Decent: 6200m
E: 132Km       Ascent: 8540m         Decent: 8570m
P: 140Km       Ascent: 10240m       Decent: 10261m


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