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Email about hotels/etc. in Romania

Posted by desflurane on February 16, 2012

Here is an email I got a few days ago from Alex, the hotel coordinator guy in Romania. This is very useful info, although it surely won’t make entertaining reading if you aren’t going to Romaniacs any time soon… I’ll copy the whole email:

Dear competitor,
Thank you for taking part in the 2012 “Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye”.
My name is Alex Ujupan, I am responsible for your accommodation during the Rallye.
The headquarters of “Red Bull Romaniacs” is situated in Sibiu’s Ramada Hotel.
Due to the many registrations we have received we will not be able to lodge all competitors and assistants in the Ramada Hotel. The rooms will be allocated in order of who has paid the entry fee first. Our second hotel is situated opposite the Hotel Ramada, so staying there will cause no inconvenience.
The same principle holds true for our overnight bivioac in Voineasa (15.-16.06.2012). The Race Headquarters in Voineasa will be at the “Hotel Lotru”.
When the enduro rallye is in Sibiu all competitors shall have evening meals together in the Ramada Hotel. Breakfast will be served at the hotel where you are accommodated.
For the required deposit at the hotel please bring your credit card (Visa or Master Card).

To provide you with the best possible service I ask you for some additional informations.
For team competitors
• What is your exact team name?
• Who is my team contact person?  Please provide name and email address.
Other thing:
• Do you need any assistance for your journey to and from Sibiu?
If you wish I can also organize accommodation for your mechanics / service crew / family & friends in Sibiu and overnight stay in Voineasa during the “Red Bull Romaniacs”. Basically we provide double rooms. If you wish to book a single room you will have to budget extra costs from €135.- to €190.- for six nights, depending on rooms available. If you want your mechanics / service crew / family & friends to stay at the same hotel it’s important to answer the following questions as quickly as possible.
Mechanic / Service crew / family & friends(s) accommodation
• Six days half board hotel accommodation package: €470.-
• Please provide ALL names and email addresses of people who need accommodation.
• Please provide who of your mechanics / service crew / family & friends want to share a room or who is requesting a single room.
To save on bank transfer costs, you can pay cash for your mechanics / service crew / family & friends and extra services on your arrival at the Ramada Hotel in Sibiu.
• If you or your mechanic / service crew / family & friends wish accommodation earlier than 12.06.2012 or wish to leave later then 18.06.2012, please let me know if you wish me to arrange the accommodations for these days.
Due to the fact that bedrooms at the race headquarters are limited we cannot guarantee you that your mechanic / service crew / family & friends will all be hosted in the same hotel!
The plan for the bivouac days
Offroad Day 3 – Friday 15th June – the Bivouac moves to Voineasa
When the “Red Bull Romaniacs” moves to Voineasa competitors and mechanics / service crew / family & friends who have booked hotel package MUST vacate their rooms in Sibiu (remove all personal belongings). We will provide a shuttle bus for the luggage. In Voineasa you will get the keys/vouchers for your bivouac hotel at the “Xventure hotel booking desk” in the “Hotel Lotru” race Headquarter.
Off-road Day 4 – Saturday 16th June – The Bivouac returns to Sibiu
Competitors and mechanics / service crew / family & friends who have booked the hotel package MUST vacate their accommodation in Voineasa (remove all personal belongings). As the race returns to Sibiu we will provide a shuttle bus for the luggage. In Sibiu you get new keys/vouchers at the “Xventure hotel booking desk” in the Ramada Hotel race headquarters.
Finally: do you have friends with offroad experience interested in assisting the Red Bull Romaniacs organizers during the event?
– Helping at the prolog?
– Guide for the camera crews?
– Certified Paramedics or Doctors?
– Owner of a 4 x 4 with adequate offroad experience?
– Helper in preparation of the Red Bull Romaniacs race track?
Package for guides & helpers:
€360.- including 6 days half board accommodation during event and 6 days accommodation for a “track checking” week.
€310.- without the ”track checking week”
Fuel is included during the event along the track.
All those interested, please contact Ingo Schober, 
If you need further information or special requirements, please let me know.
I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Sibiu.
Alexandru Ujupan
(Accommodation manager of Red Bull Romaniacs)
Cell phone: 0040 (0)740 843 678


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