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Posted by desflurane on February 13, 2012

Went for a great ride on saturday morning. Went up “workout wash” and the switchbacks reasonably smoothly and headed over to my favorite playground area for a little skills practice.

Here is the run up the switchbacks, courtesy of my helmet cam:

I messed around for a while on the lovely piles of dirt, gravel and rock. Climbed up some nice dirt walls and then decided to descend a short slope into a gulley area.

This is where things went wrong.

As I was rolling down the grade I was planning to exit a rocky section at the bottom by sneaking between two fairly big stones right where things flattened out. As I got a bit closer I saw that another pretty big rock was blocking the way. I hesitated for a moment looking for an alternate route. During this moment of inaction the front wheel rolled off another rock unexpectedly and pitched the bike over, high-siding and sending me right over the bars into the very rockpile I was trying to avoid.

I had the presence of mind to tuck and roll as I hit the ground – which worked pretty well overall. I think the reflexive “arms outstretched to catch myself” move would have resulted in at least one broken arm, so disaster averted. I was close to coming through with just bumps and scrapes, but during my tumble I jammed my right thumb into a rock, really, really hard. So hard in fact that I dislocated the endmost joint. Drat.

When I picked up the bike and went to hit the starter, my thumb felt like Jell-O, and I knew there was trouble. I pulled off my glove to assess the damage and the skin had torn open at the crease on the palm side of my thumb, making this an open dislocation – which needs to be washed out in the operating room to avoid nasty joint infections and fingers falling off later.

Long story short, I spent the rest of the day in the hospital getting my thumb fixed up.

All is well now. I won’t be able to ride for a couple of weeks wile everything heals, but overall it should be a minor setback. This is a perfect example of why I wear ALL of my protective gear EVERY TIME I ride. You never know when you will take a bad spill. This one could have been far worse.

Here is the helmet cam footage with commentary…


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