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Double secret ride

Posted by desflurane on February 4, 2012

I ran into my friend Ben the other day and he asked if I was going to be free the next Friday, as he was planning to go out for a ride. Luckily for me I was on Labor and Delivery call on Thursday night, which means that I am almost guaranteed to have the next day (that’s Friday!) completely off!

The stars aligned and I was free to meet up with Ben and Jeff – another guy in the group that often rides together. Ben texted me Thursday night and said that this location was “double secret” and I was NOT to bring my GPS unit along… (I’m sure he was just kidding) We met at a top secret location (a 7-11) in Reno and headed out behind a nearby neighborhood to the covert trailhead (a dirt road immediately behind the subdivision).

We had a great ride. Under normal circumstances I do little but choke on Ben and Jeff’s dust clouds and give them an excuse to stop for an occasional rest while I catch up. Today that wasn’t really the way of it. It was definitely a casual ride and nobody was pushing the limits, but I had no trouble keeping pace with the other guys. Even though I’m sure they could have dropped me like a hot rock at any moment if they so desired, I felt rather pleased with myself.

As promised, I took the helmet cam and shot a little bit of video. I’m not sure if the improved video quality using the class 10 memory card is really apparent after it has been processed by YouTube, but the image is definitely smoother to watch.

In this one we rip down a fairly tight, rocky gulley. I actually take the lead for a while! We end up jumping over one ridge into another gulley with some fun waterfalls and big rock slabs (in the third sement).

This long bit is another section of singletrack that formed a nice loop from the small motocross-type track that ended up being the center of the day’s action. The trail wasn’t especially tight, but afforded us some nice views and we actually saw a few pine trees.

Overall I feel pretty good about my riding progress. My technical skills are definitely progressing and I think I’m riding faster than I used to. Considering that I couldn’t even get my leg over the saddle just a few months ago, I think I’m doing just fine!


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