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Posted by desflurane on February 1, 2012

I’ve been able to get out riding the past two evenings for a few hours at a go. It has been really good! I have visited some of my old “training grounds” and gotten some very good practice in.

Having rekindled my old interest in photography since going to Romania, I learned that the class 2 memory card I put into my helmet cam may have been impacting its performance in a negative way. So I ordered up a class 10 16gb card and popped it in for my ride last night. Wow! Stunning difference in image quality and smoothness!

I didn’t capture anything really exceptional – not worth uploading, anyway, but plans are in place to go for a real ride this Friday, could yield some worthy footage…

One insight I did gain however, as I stopped to study a series of short rock ledges that have consistently brought me to an abrupt halt on every previous attempt at scaling them. I thought back to the most recently added video on Offroad Fanatic, where it is mentioned that total commitment is needed to overcome the given obstacle. My efforts at getting up these ledges have always been half-hearted at best, and therefore lacking in commitment and subsequently – success.

I decided to give them a “real” try, applying sufficient momentum and throttle, trying to actually RIDE the bike up rather than sitting on the rear fender, dabbing my feet until I eventually get stuck. Guess what? Difficulty turned into success. It probably wasn’t my finest performance, but I got right up the ledges without issue. A bit more practice and they will literally become speed bumps on the trail.

So many times in riding, it’s “mind over matter” that gets you up and over a ledge or rock face, log or whatever you come across on the trail. The most important factor is KNOWING that you will surmount whatever is in front of you. Better riding skills follow automatically – you ride in a confident “attack” mode rather than a timid “defeat is eminent” mode that will very likely turn out to be prophetic.


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