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VForce 4 – Amazing!

Posted by desflurane on January 12, 2012

As mentioned in my last post, I went ahead and splurged on a new set of reeds for my trusty 300. I had the old VForce 3 reeds out anyway and the new VForce 4’s are only $148 – so why not?

In June 2011 Dirt Bike reviewed the VF4 and said that:

It made for a vital power improvement. We felt an immediate gain in roll-on, as the already meaty 300 now came on stronger, sooner and smoother, letting us chug and pull a taller gear without fear of coughing or bogging out. The mid to top felt charged, being longer and stronger, letting us stay in the right “zone” of power when pinning it was called for. Overall, it was better everywhere, but most importantly in the lower area where the traction portion of the powerband lets you conquer terrain.

That last bit was the deal-maker for me. If I can get some more grunt down low where I ride a lot of the time – I’m all for it. If this had been a gizmo to provide a few extra horses at peak RPM’s I wouldn’t have bothered.

Here are some comparison pics I took of both reed systems. VF3 on the left, VF4 on the right:

So here you can see the stops integrated into the VF4 (right) for the outer petals as well as the "wing" shapes at the tips of the reed cage - they are supposed to increase flow there. Most importantly, the VF4 is a little sexier looking...

Again, the slick design of the VF4 is apparent.

Here you can see the improved air channels which also improve flow.

Installation could not have been easier. Since I had the old reeds out, I simply dropped the new ones in (after slipping the included gasket twixt case and cage…) and tightened the four bolts down. Flawless!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a little jetting work to do now. Right off idle the bike is really boggy. Beyond quarter throttle is a new land of really snappy, explosive power – so I have really high hopes for the low-rev zone too. As Dirt Bike said, there is greater power everywhere throughout the rev range. The hit is now a real haymaker! Whew!

To be fair, the reeds probably can’t take full credit for the sudden horsepower increase – as I replaced my dinged-up-and-bent-back-into-shape expansion chamber as well as my tired old air filter at the same time. But whatever is responsible, my bike is MUCH stronger now than ever before!

Right now, the VF4 appears on 2012 KTM and Husaberg 250/300’s. It is a direct swap for all 250/300’s although on some older bikes some little tabs on the intake boot have to be trimmed off for it to fit.

I think this was worth every penny!


One Response to “VForce 4 – Amazing!”

  1. Troy said

    How much did you have to rejet?

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