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Offroad day three (Part 1)

Posted by desflurane on August 2, 2011

(I know it has been a while since I last posted, but oh well… And it takes a long time to sift through all the pics and videos and put it all together, so there will be more to come!)

Day three.

I’m back on the media bus.

The offroad start was in a picturesque location with the Red Bull arch next to a little stream with a bridge passing over it. The track took the riders almost immediately up a steep hill and into the trees. Moments after riders left, the sound of blazing engines could be heard echoing through the forest.

When we arrived, the last few of the experts were leaving.

Fairly soon, the pros began to arrive. Chris Birch showed up first and was immediately attacked by the Throttle Entertainment movie camera. I must admit, it was a rather nice spot for a little interview.

I’m pretty sure that in this shot Chris was looking at me and probably thinking “Who is this idiot with the baby camera?”

And here is a look at him with the whole movie crew at work. And of course, his awesome 2012 EXC 300. Nice bike! BTW the cameraman in the khaki shorts is “Bemmi” a german guy, who I believe is directing the movie for this year. I think he will even be narrating the film. We shall see…

Graham Jarvis arrived a minute or two later.

Graham and Chris started chatting a bit, and Chris was doing some leg stretches. In this photo I believe Graham is looking at me and asking Chris “Who’s the idiot with the tiny camera?”

Here is a shot of Graham’s super-sweet Husaberg TE-300. Until now only available in Europe, it is a very KTM-esque bike to say the least, but very cool anyway. And coming soon to a Hussy dealer near you!

Andreas Lettenbichler arrived next.

Letti stopped, leaned his bike against the post there, turned around and took a healthy piss. Ah! the joys of early morning race starts!

About this time, Chris’ minute to start arrived. He got on the line and tore off!

Then it was Graham’s turn to dazzle the cameras. Here, he seems to be looking at me and thinking “Is that idiot still here?”

Here is a bit nicer-looking close up of Graham

Then Graham took off!

Now it was Letti’s turn to soak up the limelight.

Then he was gone…


3 Responses to “Offroad day three (Part 1)”

  1. Wayne Beams said

    So after seeing Romaniacs first hand are you still planning on riding in it? Because of the rain it looked like it was brutal.

    • desflurane said

      In a word – YES! The rain is a big issue – if it rains! I’m guessing you just saw the recap of the 2010 event that is airing on Fuel right now (I just watched it last night!) and that was a miserable slog for participants. The weather was gorgeous this year – a little rain at the end of the prologue, bright and sunny the next four days! At the moment I’m planning to ride in 2013.

      • jon heerkens said

        I have an invite to do it in 2012, made alot of freinds at Erzberg and the guys from RSA are planning on running it. Thinking about it. The RSA guys are great, they offered me everything (bike, lodging, alcohol etc.) to do the Roof this fall but funds and time dont allow it, maybe next year 🙂

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