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Prologue debrief

Posted by desflurane on July 16, 2011

The 2011 prologue is now in the books!

It was truly an amazing event to watch. The course laid out for the riders was just spectacular! Although there were a few last-minute changes. First off, a narrow and quite tall ramp was placed just before the finish.

The gnarly-looking log pile was transformed into a lengthy, washboard-like series of logs laid side-by-side.

The qualifier runs began at 8:30 and the actual prologue competition started at 2:00pm. I have uploaded a bunch of video on YouTube – which at the moment I haven’t the strength to link to here (go to YouTube and search for “Red Bull Romaniacs 2011” and my stuff should come up).

When all was said and done, Graham Jarvis took the day – having won the semi-final and final heats of the Pro class. Paul Bolton took second, Chris Birch took third.

Following today’s competition I went over to the Ramada hotel which serves as HQ for the whole event. As I walked through the lobby I noticed a handful of pro riders talking amongst themselves. Gerhard Forster and Andreas Lettenbichler were there. (Andreas even said “Guten tage” as I strolled past…) When I got upstairs to where the Media Room is located, I was amazed to see Chris Birch seated on a Red Bull logo-shaped couch. He was giving an interview at the time, so I didn’t interrupt. But I was feeling pretty cool…

I attended the rider’s meeting and got the low-down on how things work around here vis-a-vis hotel starts, offroad starts, GPS issues and so forth. Incidentally, I ended up standing rather near where Graham Jarvis was sitting. He and the other few guys he was with took at least some notice of my t-shirt (which I posted pictures of earilier). It has an x-ray of my leg with lots of hardware on the front, along with the “This is why I’m not riding…” caption on the front, “What’s your excuse?” and the Romaniacs logo on the back.

I also met, and had dinner with the fellow who serves as the head of medical staff for the entire event. He was a very nice guy who loves to ride!

To jump to the exciting conclusion, I am signed up to ride along on the “photograper’s bus” tomorrow, and should be visiting most of the spectator points. I’ll be taking more photos and videos!


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