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Railroad to Romania!

Posted by desflurane on July 15, 2011

After four culturally uplifting days in Vienna, Austria – we are currently in our little cabin on the night train that will bring us to Romania. We change trains at 6:59 in Simeria and arrive in Sibiu at about noon.

Hot damn!

We have a car reserved for us there I am very pleased to say.

Just getting the car sorted out was a major effort. I shopped around online and found what I felt to be the best deal for a vehicle – a compact, rented for a week – and tried to book it through the website. That failed for some unknown reason and I had to place the booking over the phone.

All’s well there. Went smooth as glass.

The phone conversation ended with a confirmation number and a promise that a confirmation email would be sent out with all info included.

This may have occurred, but the reservation guy didn’t mention that the booking was through a partner company located in europe. It most likely came with a subject line like “Price Confirmation” from some bizarre, unknown sender – and as a result – ended up immediately in my trash.

Fast-forward two months.

We find ourselves in Vienna, settling into our hotel room. Traci asks me, “Where do we pick the car up?”

Dead silence.

“You do know where we are supposed to pick the car up, right?” she asked, dismayed.

The whole I-booked-the-car-online-and-never-saw-the-confirmation-email-telling-us-where-to-pick-it-up routine flickered through my head.

“I’ll find out,” I replied confidently. Surely I could just search for car rentals in Sibiu, punch in the confirmation number we had been supplied and our detailed info would pop right up.

No problem!


For two days I searched every site that promised to rent cars, motorcycles, or tricycles in the greater Sibiu area without success. Nothing looked familiar and no online forms for looking up completed bookings would accept any confirmation number/surname/email combination I could conjure up.

On Tuesday night – we leave for Sibiu on Thursday evening, remember – I got a reply from the one company that I was SURE could not be the correct one. It wasn’t the correct one.

They were, however, partners with the correct company and were able to pull up our reservation and resend the confirmation email.

It arrived with a very spammy-sounding subject line from an obviously bogus sender, and it was completely legitimate.

So problem solved!

Except that we are traveling by train and the car will be waiting for us at the airport…


One Response to “Railroad to Romania!”

  1. Keith said

    How many times have I been the main caracter in your shoes in that same scenario (minus Romania). I can hear the voice and tone so clearly and see you cringe under your confident smile. The only thing worse than missing the obvious is when you do so and your wife points it out. Have a great trip! I know you will!

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