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More on the railroad trip

Posted by desflurane on July 15, 2011

The sleeping coach was great, the ride in it stunk…

We splurged on the sleeping coach for the two of us – which was a great idea, I can’t imagine sitting upright for fourteen hours on a train.

View of pretty much the entire sleeping coach. The bunks are on the left hand side. A little table beneath the window is visible on the bottom-right.

The coach was small but comfortable and reasonably quiet. We watched the scenery rolling by until it got dark then had the attendant fold down the beds so we could catch some needed sleep. She told us that the police would be coming aboard to check passports.

Ok, no big deal. We get to Hungary pretty soon. We can knock that out and get some shut-eye.

At 2:30AM they roll us out of bed to check our passports – seriously!! It wasn’t that big of a deal, the pistol-carrying officer just checked that everything was in order and gave us a stamp. End of story.

3:30AM they bang on our door again! This time for a little meet-and-greet with the Romanian police.

Just great.

By this time I was completely wide awake and rolled around on my berth for the next three hours until we got ready to change trains in Simeria.

Simeria Train Station

The next train was a “local-commuter” sort of deal that rolled through the Romanian countryside like a broken down old tour bus. It seemed interminably slow after the much faster night train we had just left behind.

And it was rather hot inside as well.

Long story short, we arrived in Sibiu, scored a taxi to the airport for 5 Eu, picked up our rental car and found our way to the hotel.

I now sit in Sibiu, savoring air-conditioned bliss. In a little while I will venture out into the heat and make my way to the Ramada and hopefully get my Romaniacs on!


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