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My two-cents about Erzberg

Posted by desflurane on June 27, 2011

I have been following the results of the Erzbergrodeo over the weekend. Not surprisingly, Taddy took his fifth victory. The guy OWNS Erzberg!

I also was keeping track of John Heerkins who was one of two or three riders from the USA. He finished the prologue in position 833. Of course only the top 500 riders are able to participate in the Red Bull Hare Scramble on Sunday morning – the big race, the one you came to Austria for. Sadly, the rider who placed 516th was the final contestant allowed to start the hare scramble. John was way down the list still.

That is precisely the reason I haven’t had much interest in trying to go and ride Erzberg. The cards are stacked against me – pretty darn high! I’m sure John is a good rider, but that event draws the best riders from all over the world! What chance do I have of being in the top twenty-five percent? Slim to none!

At least at Romaniacs I would be guaranteed a chance to ride – regardless of my lacking skills! Even if I tanked the prologue completely I could still ride on the offroad days.

I have no doubt that John had a fantastic time over there, it looks like a really fun event. Furthermore, I have the utmost respect for him for just getting himself over there and giving it his best shot! That is truly a tremendous achievement! And 833rd out of 1413 riders aint bad either! I just know that I would forever be kicking myself afterward, until I went back and made it onto the starting line for Sunday morning!


One Response to “My two-cents about Erzberg”

  1. jon heerkens said

    Greetings from Erzberg. Thanks for watching my results. I had a great experience and highly recomend the KTM race program, they treated me like gold. They also gave me an early prologue number which was probably my demise. I started #57 for the 1st run which put me with the pro’s. I had a great early section ride and then on the faster stuff a 450f passed me (actually one of the romaniac promoters) and got sprayed by rocks, for a long time since I could not avoid the spray and keep it on the gas, that made me loose some time and then on the saturday run the lower section was trashed and I could not make up the time on the upper fast sections loosing 7 seconds the 2nd day. There were 2000 people that did the prologue but only 1508 were trying to qualify, probably more but they DNF’d. It turned out to be a good thing because I could ride all over the mtn to watch the main event. Several of my new freinds rode the main but were stuck in the woods, there were some logjams that took over an hour just to wait your turn to get through.

    The romaniac guys are a blast, real nice people. If I do another it would be the Roof of Africa or Romaniacs, probably the roof because Africa is much better for the budget, the euro excange really hurts buying power.

    Erzberg was great fun but has limited riding, I would rather ride for 3-4 days then wait for a potential qualifieying position. There were alot of fast guys that did not make the main and alot of guys that got severly hurt trying. The ambulances were constantly going to the hospital.

    I had a blast.


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