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Sad day..

Posted by desflurane on June 20, 2011

I went to the Romaniacs website this morning and scanned over the official starting list for the event and sadly, my name is no longer there. I finally got Cristina the bank info so she could send my money back (80% of it anyway) and she has taken me off the roster. Of course it had to happen, but it does make me a little sad all the same. It was fun to still feel like I was still a part of the event. Actually I will be…

We have, once again – and for the last time – changed our travel plans for the big European trip. We have bagged the idea of going to Prague and we will be staying in Sibiu for the whole event! I’m pretty happy about that! I’ll be there the whole time blogging my butt off and taking lots of pictures and videos. Hopefully it will be really cool (how could it not?)

By way of a recovery update – my leg is healing well. I’m still on crutches, and will be for about ten more days. After that, I’ll be able to start weight-bearing – I’ll still need the crutches but I can at least start to walk. At ten weeks – which will coincide with our departure for Romania – I’ll be free to do whatever I want. That should be nice!

I start physical therapy today with the intent of regaining the range of motion at my knee and ankle. It’s amazing how stiff and inflexible a joint can become in such a short time! By the end of the second week after the accident I could barely move my knee at all! I have been trying to stretch it out and get it moving for the last few weeks and it is coming along – slowly. At the moment I can flex to about 70 or 80 degrees. That’s OK, and would probably allow me to walk – with a limp, but riding with that little flexion would be nearly impossible. I would never be able to sit down for one thing, and I would have zero ability to absorb hits. So, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Putting in some real effort for the next month will pay huge dividends when I get to Europe. We are going to want to walk around and do the tourist thing, and in Sibiu I’m going to want to be as mobile as possible to get to where the action is!

Every day I’m thinking about getting my act together and starting in on preparations for next year. I don’t know how I’m going to come up with enough money to get over there again. I will just have to find a way! Unless I am completely chickened-out by what I see over there, I am definitely planning to ride in 2012. It gives me another year to hone my skills! I think I would have been ready to make a good showing this year if I hadn’t gotten hurt. With another twelve months of Romaniacs training under my belt, I should be able to kill it next time!


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